RD for HS and FW From YC?

So…I thought we were all set to stick with our YC reservation through MVT…thank you so much for the suggestion liners!! But of course, now I can’t figure out the RD situation for HS and FW.

  1. I know we are very close to IG, but what happens if we want to RD Soarin? Of course I will want breakfast from France, but then what?

  2. Should we just walk to HS for RD or take the slow scenic route via the boats? We’ll be going in August so I’m anticipating we’ll all be sweaty messes before we even hit the tapstiles.

I guess we could just uber/lyft it to HS, but I’m just curious as to what others have done from this location.

Thanks so much!!

I might have missed something with the first question, but if you want to rope drop Soarin’ use the IG to enter. It opens with the park.

If I were going in August, I’d use the Friendship boat. Make sure they start running an hour before park open. We timed them at about 25 -ish minutes from IG to HS give or take with amount of ppl getting off / on.

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Thank you @seebee! Can you walk through WS before 11…like through England and Canada?

You can walk through WS at rope drop- Norway is open too. I always walk to HS just because it is quicker for me but the boat can be nice.

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Thank you so much @PrincipalTinker! Great news!!