Rd fop rs

If we RD FOP and need RS, does the entire group have to wait through the whole line, or do we get the RS as the line begins? I’m hoping the RS group can go do something else. I don’t think my 3yo will be too happy if he waits through the whole line and then can’t get on. Thanks!

The whole point of the swap is to avoid the line twice, not to be able to skip it entirely. The whole party has to wait the whole time, and the swap ticket is given as you are about to get on.

The swap ticket is like a FP, and sometimes allows you to bring 1-3 others with you.

Usually there is enough to distract unhappy/disappointed kids. Just have who ever’s taking the 3yo know where the nearest snacks or fun distractions are.

Good Luck!

This was your experience at FOP?

That’s not what happened to us at DL and it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense either. At DL they give you the RS pass as soon as you get in line so the short ones and their guardians can do something else while you wait.

I have not yet done FOP - it’s what we did at 7DMT - at least what I thought we did, but it was 3 years ago. I also looked it up the Unofficial Guide, and there they say everyone waits together. A CM definitely needs to see the person who can’t ride and is in need of care-taking, but yes, it’d be great if it happens at the entrance to the line. Maybe it did happen that way. Now I’m confused. Sorry!

You know what, I think we had Fast Passes - and there wasn’t much different between the front of the line and the entrance to the ride. We all waited in the shorter FP line.

It is definitely NOT the policy to make the entire party wait in the line. If someone is too short to ride they are not allowed in the line at all. The entire party shows up to the ENTRANCE to the line and then asks for the RS lanyard. (Some rides FOP and 7DMT may need everyone to have a FP+, but reports vary.) Then the first party rides and the non-riding party can do whatever they would like! The riding party swaps out the lanyard for the RS pass right before they get on the ride. Depending on the ride, the pass is good for the whole day or the whole month. So you do not need to ride back to back.

There have been limited reports of non-riders who are too scared to ride (but not too short) being required to wait in the line, but this is rare and is not according to policy.


I asked this question on Brian’s youtube video of someone who had done RS recently. I was told that you get the RS at the official start of the queue.


You get the lanyard at the ride entrance, then they exchange it at the next checkpoint with a CM further down for the paper FP. It worked this way for us in standby and FP lines.

The entire group does not need to wait in line. Tell cm at entrance you want RS. Some of them may ask to see the child before giving the lanyard. First group enters queue with lanyard and non riding group is free to go anywhere. At some point in the queue a cm will switch the lanyard for a paper RS pass. The original non riding group then used that paper pass to enter the FP queue. As mentioned above, some rides offer RS to be used same day and others you have until end of the month.

Thanks everyone! Exactly what I was hoping to hear!

I will add that I don’t know how this works for FOP at RD. You may all have to wait until you get to the official start of the queue. I’m not sure that a cm with the RD crowd will have the RS lanyard.