RD Flight of Passage

I’m thinking of rope dropping FoP on the 14th July (couldn’t get any FP+ as had problems and ended up only being able to book my FP+ 30 days out). What kind of time do I want to be arriving at the park? It is EMH that day so park opens at 8 - is arriving at 7 OK or do I need to be arriving earlier? We ideally want to be able to walk straight on the ride
Thanks in advance

7 am is perfect.

Brill thankyou

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I’m not sure what Brill is, but you’re welcome just the same :wink:

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I’m always fascinated by the differences in slang between America/Britain/Australia etc. Brill is short for brilliant and it would never occur to me that it might not translate. Reminds me of my first trip to the states when I was a teenager. My friend had some rubbish he wanted to throw away so asked the staff in Macy’s if they had a bin and received blank looks in return. He couldn’t remember the ‘American’ for it so he just stared back at them for a minute, then showed them his rubbish and mimed throwing it away. At that point we could have been in any country with any language even though everyone involved spoke english!


You can absolutely do this! Pick the most left hand gate you can and Buffalo stampede with purpose to Pandora, as you pass Tiffin’s stick to the right and try to get into the right hand lane. It may be my imagination but it moved faster than the left. Have a great time!!!