RD FEA after breakfast at Akershus?

What is the likelihood of getting to RD FEA with a short wait time on CL 5 if we are right there at Norway Pavilion for breakfast?

You can do it, but only if you eat quickly and see at most 2 princesses. Did it at the end of March, and it worked, but if I had had kids who wanted to see them, they would have been disappointed.

We have a pre-RD breakfast ADR in December for Akershus and plan to hit FEA right after. We do want to meet all the Princesses during breakfast and don’t want to be particularly rushed, so we are just planning to leave when we are ready. I am figuring that if we take 90 minutes for breakfast, we will exit Akershus around 930am. Epcot opens at 9am that day, and people will speed-walk from the entrance to Norway.

According to the estimated wait times here on Touring Plans, FEA may have an 18 minute wait at 9am, 32 minutes at 10am, and 44 minutes at 11am on the date of my trip. I don’t mind waiting about a half hour in line for FEA since we are in the vicinity. Epcot is so large that I do want to minimize my walking if I can.

You can check the estimated wait times for your own date by clicking this link, then scroll down to bottom left and plug in the date you want to check on. https://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/frozen-ever-after/wait-times

If anyone else has better suggestions, I’m open to hearing them too!

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We’ve done this in August-8am. Did it in a rushed 45 including Princesses. Walked on FEA. They walk them down from 8:50-9am so you have time til about 9 to beat the RD crowd otherwise you’ll have to plan a 20 minute ish wait. It’s a buffet tell the server and they do the bill upfront for you. They are very used to it. Great photo op with Belle too.

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We just did this in April with a CL 5. Got to meet all the princesses and do the Princess Parade, still out by 9. Just try to make sure everyone uses the bathroom during breakfast. My only foot-tapping moment was watching people walk past me into FEA while waiting on DMIL to get out of the bathroom! Still pretty much a walk-on.


This is great to know! Thanks :slight_smile:

Replying to this in case people are searching this topic-- we arrived at epcot right around 7:30am for an 8am Akershus reservation on 7/2/2018. That was too early-- they didn’t let us through security until almost 7:50. We got seated quickly and saw all princesses. Asked for check right away. Left at 8:50 to get in line for Frozen Ever After. That was also too early, we were 2nd in line and we just missed the princess parade inside Akershus (it actually had slipped my mind that that was about to happen so I didn’t think to stick around for it). As of summer 2018, you are safe to roll out of akershus no earlier than 9am and have a walk on to FEA, and a short wait to meet Anna and Elsa afterwards.


When we had our PPO there, the restaurant cleared out quickly around 8:50, I assume most to go to FEA. We had a number of hold ups (the fun of traveling with small children I suppose) and didn’t get out until 9-9:15ish. Had to wait like 40-45 minutes for FEA. It was Jersey Week though and the park was packed all day.

We did this too - worked perfectly! Had an 8:00 ADR at Akershus. We got lucky and were the first table princesses came too. Our kids did the princess processional at 8:45. It was about 5 minutes long. When they marched back close to our table, we grabbed them and scooted out. We were second in line for Frozen at 8:52. They opened it at 8:55. We did the ride, met Elsa and Anna and made it to Soarin’ at around 9:35, which was great timing. We only had a 15 min wait for Soarin’ because we missed the initial 9:00 RD crowd. Living With the Land was also a walk on right after. CL was an 8 when we went end of June/early July. TPs work!!!

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