RD Epcot from IG entrance - my thoughts, do you think it will work?

So we are staying at the Dolphin - finally getting my experience of being on the doorstep of Epcot!

For our full day at Epcot, I’m planning on RD-ing FEA. Thought process is that we’ll hit FEA first, head to TT if running and wait is still relatively low, and then head to Soarin’ where we have a 9:50 FPP.

My reasoning is that we will then ride the Land and do the Behind the Seeds tour shortly after at 11:15.

I’ve never done RD from IG. With the construction for the skyliner, is anything major being done differently? From IG, for those who have done it, do you think it’s practical to go to FEA and still make it to TT before the wait builds too much?

Of course, I’m putting it into a plan, but plans have a tricky time predicting waits. We are seasoned RD people - so we will be well at the front of the pack.

I have RD FEA from IG on an EMH morning. We did not go to TT right after FEA, we went to Soarin and had a 15-20 minute wait. This was last September. As long as TT is running, it sounds possible to me, but you may have a 30 minute wait on TT.

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I’ve done this before but be aware that TT often goes down in the first hour, so be prepared to improvise. I rope dropped FEA from IG on a CL 10 day and waited for 3 minutes. And that was booking it to FEA with a stroller and a toddler.

But overall your plan should work. You’ll still wait a bit for TT but should get the 3 headliners done in the first 90 min…

What I’ve also done successfully on my last two trips is to schedule all three FPs so that the last one starts around 11:15-11:20 or so. Rope drop FEA, do the two tier B FPs (SSE and something else in my case), then tap into Soarin about 11:15, and try to get a same day FP for TT at 11:31. So that’s another option.

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I think you’re second bit of the plan is going to be my backup. Glad to know that has worked for you. If TT is down or if the wait has already built past what I’m willing to do that early. We may knock out two tier 2s and then head to Soarin’. I imagine it shouldn’t be too hard to modify my tier 2s if needed. Then we can work on grabbing a test track after.

Yeah, just make sure you’re refreshing in the app before 11:30 (I start at 11:29 and just keep refreshing…)… Again, I snagged it on both a CL6 day in 2018 and a CL10 day this February, so I think it’s pretty doable.

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