Rd crt?

Has anyone every successfully tried this? Thinking all the early ressies might be done by the time we get there at 915 or so, and might be able to snag a table?

you mean without a reservation? Exceedingly unlikely.


I would doubt they have ANY available tables. I suspect they are completely booked throughout the day. We had a pre-RD ressie there last trip, and people were still coming in as we left, with a line still downstairs. However, it doesn't hurt to try.

I would keep checking the website though. People's plans change, and what was planned at 180 days may change at 18 days. You may be able to snag one there.

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Yea i check. A lot. Since we booked in June. I feel like I am completely obsessed lol. I try every combination (we have 9 people so I try every where from 2 people to 10) every day of the trip. We are going to mk on a crowd level 2 (morning of a mnsshp) so I'm just hoping.

What dates are your trip? And which days will you be at MK?

10/26-10/29. Mnsshp 10/26 and MK 10/28

OK. We are going in September, and my sister might be dropping her reservation. Just checking. Good luck!

Oh that would have been lucky lol

We have an ADR for 2 and want to change it to 4 I've rang lots of times but they're all booked up