RD Alien Saucers or SDD?

Hi all,

So we were able to get a fast past for Toy Story Mania, but still want to ride SDD. Optimizing our touring plan, it keeps putting Alien Saucers ahead of SDD. Is there any reason that people think this would make sense? Is there a dip after the initial rope drop that we would catch??


Yes. Everyone goes to SDD first at rope drop, so unless you are WELL AHEAD of the pack, you will end up in a relatively long line. After people get off SDD, they will head to AS, making that line longer. And AS has a much slower ride capacity.

Doing AS first means you get on it with minimal wait, and then you go to SDD next where the initial wait crowd has been making progress. Your wait time might end up about the same as if you went on it first, but you save time in your AS line.

You can try swapping them in your plan and then Evaluate (not Optimize) to see what the difference actually is.

We rope dropped SDD once and waited just under ten minutes (we had FPs for later but DD wanted to ride it twice). I think it really depends on how quickly you get there.

Yes to everything @ryan1 said. We walked past a big sdd line at Rd to go on aliens. When we exited 3 rides later, the sdd line was completely contained by the queue, so that’s when I would ride it.
That also eliminates the need to be super early for rd (still be early), because very few will be heading to aliens.

Thanks everyone! Based on responses this makes sense. We have two younger kids, so we set walking speed to relaxed. If I bump that up to average, it does send us to SDD first. Thanks for all of the input.

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Oh and our Rd times were also way off. It told me that I’d spend an hour doing aliens and tsm once. In reality, we were done with our 5 rides by 940.