RCL ships for an adults only trip - 1st time cruisers

Hoping to find some recommendations for first time cruisers (middle aged adults) and what ships to look at, mainly on Royal Caribbean. Our trip duration would most likely be short in nature due to work schedules and leaving kids at home with grandparents, etc. Looking at a port in FL or Charleston (does RCL even cruise out of Charleston?)
I get motion sick on boats and have heard the bigger the ship the better, but I know those don’t usually do shorter cruises.
Any suggestions on what/where to start researching?

I recommend an Oasis-class RCL ship sailing out of Miami/FLL (or possibly Port Canaveral) and a 7 day Eastern or Western Caribbean itinerary as a good intro to cruising. Those are the biggest ships in the world and have a lot to see, just on the ship itself.

Another option is RCL’s sister line, Celebrity, which tends to have fewer kids - if you’re middle aged you might be amongst the younger people aboard. :slight_smile:


We have cruised with RCL quite a bit, and are mid-60’s. We started when our sons were teens, but mostly sail as just the two of us.

No, they do not cruise from Charleston. We’ve sailed from every FL port they depart from: Tampa, Port Canaveral, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. If you fly to Orlando, it’s easy to sail out of Port Canaveral.

I like the RCL site: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/ and Cruise Critic https://www.cruisecritic.com/ . A lot of helpful info on the Cruise Critic site including discussion boards. Deck plans of each ship are on the RCL site.

We’ve sailed on all classes (size groups) of their ships except the Quantum class. It’s true that the bigger ships (Quantum class or even the Freedom class) may have less motion than the smaller ones (such as Vision class), but there will still be some motion. Cabins in the middle section have less motion, as do cabins on lower decks.

Like you, we started with a shorter cruise, a 4-night, because we didn’t know:

  1. if we’d get seasick (No)
  2. if we’d feel trapped in a floating hotel (No)
  3. if we’d get bored (No)
  4. if we’d like it (Yes, we all loved it)

You can find short cruises on all sizes of RCL ships, now that they have so many of the biggest ones (Oasis class). Our favorite size is the Freedom class. We haven’t sailed with Celebrity yet, mainly because RCL is cheaper, is good enough for us, and we’ve been part of their loyalty program for several years.

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I like Matt Hochberg’s site


Matt was one of Len’s co-hosts on the old wdwtoday podcast. I have learned a lot from his site, podcast, and from the message boards.

I agree, an Oasis or Quantum class will offer you a lot of options, but I am excited that my next trip will be on a Freedom class ship (it is an itinerary I wanted).

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