RBT Fantasmic Package

We’ll be in DL next week and after checking for a RBT Fantasmic reservation every day for the past 3 weeks we finally got one at the time we wanted! The last time we staked out a spot for Fantasmic was probably 10 years ago (back when they sold McDonald’s fries :slightly_smiling_face:) and we’ve never done a dining package, so a couple questions:

  1. Our ADR is at 7:05pm. Does that automatically put us at the second show? That’s the one we want.
  2. How early should we be lining up for the second show (assuming that’s what we get)?
  3. Once we’re in the viewing area, do we need to sit the whole time while we wait or can you stand until it starts? My dad has a bad knee so it’d be better for him to stand until it gets close versus sitting on the ground the whole time. Do the CMs allow this?

I can’t help with 1 and 2 personally (I did the BB first showing package) but as for 3, most people sat, and they do ask for people to move forward and fill in the spaces so anyone standing might find they don’t have the space to sit when it comes to the show. Is there anyway you could take a blanket to mark out a space for him? Alternatively, my mum didn’t feel confident getting up and down so she waited at the back, then sat there. She got nudged by a couple of the wheelchairs that came in behind her but said her view was just fine. This website has some good info https://disneylanddaily.com/river-belle-terrace-fantasmic-review/


Thanks for the info, we could possibly bring a towel if we have room in our suitcases and use that. Otherwise I guess we can see how he’s feeling that day and determine how long he’s willing to sit beforehand.

The link above is perfect information about the River Belle package!
As for what I know about your specific questions:

  1. It’s most likely the 2nd show as that dining time is pushing it pretty close to the first showing. It may say on the reservation information which show it is meant for (when looking on the website browser, not the mobile or the app). In the past I have been able to see which show the time is for when I have booked any dining packages. If all else fails, call the Disney Dining to inquire. You can also ask the restaurant directly once you are at the parks if you can’t get an answer from Disney Dining (but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to).

  2. For the 2nd show I would follow the advice given in the Disneyland Daily link above and that is to go immediately to the viewing area right after fireworks end (~45 min before the show). Since, for the 2nd show, all dining packages will be together in 1 section (BB, RBT & HB On-the-Go as well) showing up on the earlier side allows you to get a good spot within that one section. You can if you wish, watch the FWs right from the RoA area (in front of Haunted Mansion is where DL Daily reported the return section is so if you can be on that side, even better). This area will be open to anyone once the ropes have been taken down from the 1st showing (usually about 2-3 min. before the show ends). And in that case, you’ll be right where you need to be to get your spot once the fireworks are over & they are ready to start roping up for the 2nd show.

  3. For the second show you should be ok to have your dad stand near you until cast members direct everyone to sit (usually it’s somewhere from 15-30 min. before the show). The 2nd show is a lot more laid back & there do tend to be less people so you may not have as much direction from cast members to fill in empty spaces so as to fit in more bodies. A blanket to keep his seating space open is a great idea.

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Thanks! I didn’t know it could say online what show it’s for, I’ll have to check that later (when I’m not on my work laptop :smirk:)

If there are no fireworks that night, would you still say around 45 mins beforehand to get there?

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Yes, I would still say 45 min. beforehand even with no fireworks. The ticket they give you to gain access to the reserved area will most likely say arrive 30 min. before. Go earlier than that. I have done reserved seating dining packages (for PtN & WOC) & both times that I have listened to the 30 min. before I have been in the back of the section. When we did F! we went earlier (45 min.) and while we weren’t front row, we were not too far back which was nice!

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