Rate a rookie's basic plan?

Our first visit, kids are 7 & 11, NOT thrill seekers (although I hope they’ll do more with me). CBR, no hoppers, 6 park days.

Sun PM/Eve: MK
Mon: Epcot w/ LONG PM break
Tues: RD HS all day
Wed: RD AK w/ EMH, 4 hr PM break
Thurs: MK, RD until we crash
Fri: Epcot w/ short 3hr break
Sat: Springs then home

Do-able? Too much Epcot? Not enough break time for getting around?

Is there something specific at DS that you are after? If not, I might sneak in a resort day around midweek if that’s feasible. My crew (10 and 14) and for that matter I am always ready for a rest, recoup, relax day around day 3-4.

Otherwise it looks great. Having those breaks will offset all the touring.

Main rule: listen to your group and make adjustments on the fly if need be.

Most families would choose 2 MK and 1 EP when they are tight on days. My personal sweet spot is 2 MK and 2 EP. It really depends on your family. Have you started specific touring plans for each park to see how much time you really need at each park?

If it were my crew, we would do Epcot the first evening and MK all day the next day. MK has a lot more attractions that would appeal to a 7 YO and 11 YO. (not that they can’t ride all the Epcot rides). My kids are all about the rides and don’t have much of a desire to stroll around World Showcase (like dad would like!).

BTW, 7 and 11 is a great age for that first trip. Mine were that age in 2008 and it still is probably the best trip we ever had. Every single picture taken that trip has my kids smiling from ear to ear!!! There is nothing like, seeing your kids have the time of their lives!!!

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I agree. As much as I love Epcot, I’d switch Sunday and Monday and do an evening at Epcot followed by a full day at MK.

Does the likelihood of rain Sunday PM and throughout Monday change anything? Seems that rain would dampen Epcot more, because it’s more walking less doing (ie: less benefit of shortened lines).

Looks good, but I would not use most of/all for a day at Disney Springs unless shopping is your thing - much better time spent at the parks, but again, if you feel you have a plan that works for your family, go for it. Another option is a water park in the AM or PM since this is your first trip and DS the other part of the day.

We’ll have to board DME by about 2pm. So we figure a morning at the pool, maybe a round of mini golf at Fantasia Gardens, and DS is adequate. Fighting with Saturday crowds at a park for “half” a day doesn’t feel like my best bet, since I’d have to add a park day to tickets or skip one earlier in the week.

Looking at switching Day 1 MK and Day 2 Epcot… Hate to give up my FP for those days, though! I’d have to cancel them even see what’s available at the other park, wouldn’t it?

Would I have to cancel my FP to even see what’s available at the other park? I like your idea, but now I have decent FP both days at both parks. PP and 7DMT Sunday, FEV Monday. I don’t like the odds of getting them all back if I swap parks now.

I’ve been in pouring rain in both MK and EP… I would rather be in EP in the rain than MK. As I stated in your rain question post, rides in EP don’t close for rain because all but Test Track are indoors. Much easier to building hop in EP to avoid the down pours. I highly recommend a travel umbrella for each person rather than a bigger one that you fight.

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I agree with many posters, switch Sunday and Monday. As well, your kids are old enough I don’t think the big break chunks are necessary. I’d much rather have a mid-week off day to recharge, just chilling by the pool.

Doesn’t Epcot get ankle deep/calf deep floods in significant rain? That would be enough for me to choose MK in the rain. Do COP, country bears, philharmonic, hall of presidents, space mountain, PP, IASW… wow lots more indoor stuff than I thought!