Ratatouille Ride- Mickey Runway- Railway MK - Specialty Drinks in Dinning Pl

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Any idea when the Ratatouille Ride will open in Epcot? Right now on my Touring Plan for Epcot there is an estimated 90 mins wait for that ride though it has not opened yet. Any idea which TIER it will be added to?

What about Mickey’s Runway, any idea which tier?

Do you think the railway at Magic Kingdom will open again soon?

Are speciality drinks for kids included in the standard dinning plan?

RunAway Train is opening March 4. They haven’t said which tier but it will almost certainly be Tier 1. We are waiting to see if anything moves to Tier 2.

Rat is summer 2020.

For both rides, the TP rides are pretty wild guesses based on previous new rides.

Specialty drinks are included in the DDP as long as they don’t come in a souvenir cup

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All speculation at this point, but I think it’s a relatively safe guess that both will be Tier 1 once FP is introduced for those 2 rides. I could see both of those rides, however, initially opening without FP for a potentially extended period of time. For my fall 2020 trip, I am currently expecting a 90-120 minute wait for each of them … and if it’s less or FP is available, then all the better.

Opening for ratatouille is currently expected for summer 2020. A more detailed date has not been announced.


From a pretty reliable source I’ve heard that they are so pleased with how things are going with RotR that they are now leaning towards using boarding groups for all new rides at the start.

The only “issue” that I can see with RotR is that onsite guests don’t have any advantage at the moment. But that could be “solved” by using morning EMH and opening the ride for it, or at least issuing boarding groups during EMH for onsite guests only.

I wouldn’t expect the train to reopen until Tron is complete.


This was posted on BlogMickey:

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That’s what I’ve heard as well but TP doesn’t have it marked as closed for my November trip.

It hasn’t been announced yet, which is probably why it isn’t listed as closed yet. That’s still 11 months out!

The railroad has been closed and has been marked as closed on TP that I’ve made for fun this year. Not sure why there’s a change since nothing has been announced.

Maybe the actual announcement said something like “for the foreseeable future” and the TP algorithm used until the end of 2019 initially.

I’m sure it’ll be updated when they get confirmation.

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