Raptor encounter times?

Does this open at 9 or 10?

TP says 10 UOR all says 10 but website says 9. Is is about 25-30 minutes at 10ish?

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I’m pretty sure that it opens at 9am.
We were aiming for water rides one morning and they all had a delayed opening so we did the raptor encounter instead.
We had no wait although the posted time said 20 mins.


Ok. Thanks. JRA is the only ride we’re doing there and debating going to Jurassic World first since it’s our priority but if RE os closed we may as well go somewhere else first.

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I don’t see an RE opening time listed on the Uni website. Just the park hours.

Always trust the UOR app for showtimes/experiences, which shows 10:00am next time RE is available.


It “officially” opens at 10am. If they have need to or can open early they will. The wait time is always listed at 25 minutes as a “Base” time that is habitually posted at the entrance. It’s never posted less, but I have seen it at 45 minutes.

However, the performers can only be out there for about 25 minutes before they rotate dinos. (Blue or baby Tango) It’s not always the big one! Ask before entering if you have a preference!

When it’s a long wait like 45 minutes it means they leave people waiting in the queue while they rotate dinosaurs, which is about a 15 minute wait. You just stand in the sun…

If you see a posted 25 minutes wait, and they allow you to enter, then you should be able to meet a Raptor before they break


This is very helpful. Thanks!

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