Rapid Refill Mug Dimensions/Carrier

I would like to send one person from our family to refill all of our rapid refill mugs. What are the dimensions of a rapid refill mug (with or without handle)? Also, have you found a carrier or tote that works well with the refill mugs? If so, what are the dimensions? Thanks!

Hi! I don’t have any recommendations for a carrier or holder, but I just measured the rapid refill mug I purchased in August of this year. It is with the handle. The diameter at the base of the mug is 2.5 inches, the diameter of the lid is 3.25 inches. The mug is 7 inches tall. The handle extends 1.75 inches from the side of the mug and is placed 2.75 inches above the base or bottom of the mug. It is 3.75 inches long. Hope this helps. As for sending one person, it depends on how many mugs they have to carry. The mugs with handles, I have small hands, but could easily carry 6 mugs, and probably 8 mugs at a time (I only own 3 mugs to test with), for mugs without handles I think they’d be more difficult to transport without some type if carrier.

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I am pretty sure they would fit into a drink carrier. I don’t know if they have those available. It might be worth packing one?

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Are they still selling refillable mugs WITHOUT handles?

I’m pretty sure I can fit the mug without handle into the water bottle section of my daybag. I don’t think I can fit the mug with handle. So my preference would be to but the mug without handles.

I want to be able to fill up the mug with coffee in the morning and take it with me on the bus to a Park (to sip while waiting in line for the bus, and on the way to the Park if drinking is allowed on the bus).
I’ve read that some people do this, so that at the end of the day, they can come back to the resort and refill the mug again on the way back to hotel room.

Yes that is a good thought. Also good if you visit another resort. Then you can use it there too.

I think I heard they went back to handles. I wish they would allow a choice. I know a lot line the handles so they can carry lots of mugs to and from the room. Personally i like no handle.

I didn’t see any without handles in January. I really wanted one!

Hi, I just wanted to clarify that it is possible to use your refillable mug at another resort during your stay. Specifically, we will be purchasing refillable mugs during the first part of Vacation at POR and then transferring over for a week at the wilderness Lodge. I was really hoping that we could use the same Mugs at both resorts. Thank you!

Yes, they will be valid for 14 days, longer if your stay is longer. And you can use them at any resort, so if you visit another resort for any reason and have your cups you can refill them.

Thank you so much!