Rapid-Fire Pre-trip Questions

Last year, DD and I took 51 minutes to do the 5k. We had plenty of time to hop on a bus and meander down the boardwalk towards HS. The pathway was open.

I am thinking it will take DD and I 2 hours max to get through it. That will put us on a bus around 7-7:30. It will be close…

If RD does not work out for us, we will turn right up sunset blvd. to start with ToT and RnR. After a carrot cake cookie and a coffee of course. We will then find a lower crowd level time for RoTR.


We did SciFi last year and enjoyed the shakes and burgers. It is a solid choice.

That reminds me that I need to go and grab a PB&J milkshake from 50’s!


Question #15:

During the Half Marathon, I will be trying to score a boarding group for GotG in EPCOT. This will be a challenging task while bobbing up and down and trying to catch my breath. We have a park reservation for EPCOT that morning, so should not have any issues with attempting a ride reservation.

If available, I am thinking of changing park reservation from EPCOT to AK right after I book GotG. Has anyone attempted to do this lately? I do not see any wording on the Disney website about changing your park reservation within 24-hours of entering the park. Will the boarding group from GotG remain if I change parks? (of course park availability will play a factor).

I do not want to be like Jim Hill and have to travel over to EPCOT and scan my magic band before being able to go and get into another park.

Without question, there will be a mid-day break for a No Way Jose and some carb loading at Via Napoli before the Marathon.

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I have heard this is possible.


Yes this should work. I’m skeptical there will be park availability though. Maybe if you were switching TO Epcot. But AK might be trickier.

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Question #16:

This is Marathon Day.

I will limp to the start line and question why I did not do enough leg weight training, like I promised I would. I will have the familiar quad soreness I had last year and contemplate how will I ever be able to finish this Marathon. My DS will be beside me and probably get frustrated for the first couple of miles while I try and find the energy to keep up. He will be on “fresher” legs than I. Around mile 3 or so I will start hearing “I can go the distance” and my body will stop reminding me how sore my muscles are. I will hopefully make it to the finish line exhausted and full of pride.

After swearing I will never run another Dopey, I will limp back to the hotel, clean up, fight the urge to lay down and head off to the most magical park for the day…Magic Kingdom.
This day will be full of QS snacks, non-stop refreshments, and constant walking to keep the body from seizing up. We will meet the Skipper for dinner and celebrate the madness of the week.

We will most likely not make it to the park until around 11 or 12.

What are your must-do’s for a half day at MK when touring at a leisurely pace and stopping at every QS counter you see?

These posts are hilarious, okay? :rofl:


Sleepy Hollow for chicken and waffles
Dole whip
Egg roll cart if open
Casey’s for corn dog nuggets
Plaza for chocolate ice cream - best enjoyed on hub grass


Your posts are killing me. At least you won’t be surprise and are mentally prepared for the challenge??!!


Question # 17:

We will have the morning on the final day to pack our things and head off to the airport. Most likely this will be when I change my mind and start getting excited to sign-up for Dopey 2024.

What do you typically do on check-out day before heading off to the airport? Any particular meals or locations you like to frequent?

Also, how do you usually get back to te airport? We usually take a Lyft/Uber.

This has become our traditional DS time. We don’t have to rush to pack up in the morning to make a rope drop or reservation. We get ourselves together on a leisurely timeline and make our way to DS. We do a bit of shopping and then have lunch at Homecomin’ This has also become when we pick up our Gideons For Home, on shorter trips.

We bus back to resort to get our bags, and then uber/lyft/rental car back to airport, depending on the trip

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Question #18:

Thank you for all the input and suggestions.

You now have a picture of our plans for the week.

If this was your trip, what immediately comes to mind as something that we are missing out on? What is a must-do for you ?

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I’m exhausted just thinking about all this early rising, running and then hitting the parks.



I whole-heartedly agree. It will be exhausting, but worth every moment. I get to rest when I get back to my desk at work. :stuck_out_tongue:





I’m staying as late as they let me at MK Sunday night, and my flight leaves at 6am Monday. I expect to be in the office around 930am. I’m going straight there from the airport. I’m 100% sure I’ll be sleeping at my desk at some point that day.

ETA: and using office network bandwidth to upload some 360 videos :wink:


I really think you’ve got it covered!

I do recall you mentioning your extreme park touring right after the marathon and then heading into work. That is going to be a rough day at your desk, but worth every second extra you get in the parks.

I can’t wait to see your POV of the races. It will help this old man recall all the things I passed during each race. Will you be giving us a peek at each character stop along the way?


Yes of course!

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