Rapid-Fire Pre-trip Questions

In front of our next trip to WDW and UOR, I wanted to throw out a few questions to see if I am prepared. I have noticed that this year I have not been as obsessive as I usually am when planning a trip. I mean I only booked my hotel 230 days in advance…what was I thinking!


I will be posting one question at a time and do appreciate the responses from my fellow liners in advance. Thank you.


Out of the past 13 trips to Orlando, this will be the first trip we have ever rented a car. In the past we relied on Magical Express, Disney Transportation, Town Car services, Minnie Vans, Uber & Lyft, etc…

Question # 1:
Where is the Rental car pick-up location at Orlando International Airport (MCO)?

Terminal A or B, level 1.


Thank you for confirming the location of the rentals.

Question #2:
What is your preferred driving path from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to UOR and does it use toll roads?

Exit South and take 417. It has a few tolls, but less than $5 each direction (don’t hold me to that price, but it’s fairly negligible). You can bypass the chaos on I-4 that way.


Thank you for the directions…

Question #3:
What is your preferred grocery stop location on the way to UOR from MCO?

Question #4:
What are the parking options at Universal Endless Summer - Dockside hotel; self-parking and or Valet parking?

Note: this is not rapid fire. This is a nice, manageable pace.


I agree. Don’t want to pull a muscle early in the race! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s a thread on that from DisBoards.

Seems like Publix is a common choice. Here is one recommended:

9930 Universal Blvd Orlando, FL 32819-8702

Also, N/A for you since you are renting a car, but there were some very gruff responses insisting OP should let the driver pick. :rofl: Glad we are usually nicer to each other on this forum. :blush:


From a quick search, it appears that Endless Summer does not offer valet parking. The Universal Endless Summer website seems to corroborate that as there is no mention of valet:

Overnight Guests
Self parking, $15 plus tax per night, per vehicle.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

Day Guests
0 - 10 minutes: Complimentary.
10 minutes - 30 minutes: $8 plus tax, per vehicle.
30 minutes or more: $45 plus tax per day, per vehicle.

RV Parking Price

Rates subject to change without notice.

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We usually have a rental car, and only use 417 toll road when going to WDW from the airport. If going to UOR, we take 528 (which is a toll road) and either exit at the Florida turnpike or on I-4 headed north. There are lots of signs for Universal. I also sometimes take McCoy Road/Sand Lake Road, but let my GPS guide me (there are no tolls this way).


Publix. There is one just north of the parks at Kirkman Oaks shopping center. There is also one on Sand Lake Rd a bit southwest of the parks if you come in that way.


Self parking only. We stayed there last summer for one night, super convenient garage right next to the hotel. It is not connected directly to the hotel, so you have to go outside from the lobby and then over to it (so no passage directly into the hotel from it, so if it is raining you will get rained on).


Thank you for the above answers.

Looks like Jeff found the dialy rates for the parking.

Question #5:
On the day of check-out from Universal Endless Summer Dockside, how long will the allow you to stay parked at the hotel before picking-up your car? Will we be able to do the parks all day and then grab the car from the hotel in the evening?

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Here’s what Touring Plans says:


The hotels don’t charge for another night until midnight, so you can leave your car in the lot long past your checkout time without paying extra.

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Yes. We didn’t do that at Endless Summer (returned rental at Portofino), but have left many a car at UOR resorts for the day while in the parks.


I’m loving these answers! Woot.

Question #6:
What is your referred driving route from UOR to WDW and does it include toll roads?


No tolls, just take I-4 south. It’s not too far.

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Question #7:
When we finally do enter the bubble, we will still have the rental car for one additional day. How do you inform and make sure you only get charged parking fees for the one day and not the entire stay at our resort?