Random Questions-Leaving Tomorrow


Leaving tomorrow, so just trying to finalize everything in my head.

  1. I’m not able to see the bus schedule on the app, but I’m assuming it becomes visible once you check in?

  2. How early do you get to the parks? 1 hour before? Will the buses generally be able to get you there that early?

  3. We are staying at Grand Floridian and our goal is to get to the parks early. If we’re running late, does Uber/Lyft get you to HS/AK/Epcot fairly quick or is it more hassle than it’s worth?

  4. Assuming if you’re going to Blizzard Beach directly from a resort that Uber/Lyft is better?


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I can add what others have told me. I’m going in June and plan to apply this to our schedule.

  1. Arrive at the bus stop 60-90 minutes before the official posted park opening, then they are letting people into the park up to 45 minutes early.
    CM’s say the buses start 45min before park open, but all Liners have been saying they run 60-90 minutes before.

Yes the bus app shows up once you arrive.


I’d like to add a question here if I could–Will the bus app show if the buses are running 60-90 minutes before park opening?

We honestly didn’t use the app much, I’m not sure I ever checked it that early. The boards at the bus stop did though I think. It’s been 18 months since our trip, it’s fuzzy.

Maybe @Julianne_fki can comment?

Word of caution about Uber/Lyft in the mornings…

It is HARD to get. I was trying to get one to the COVID testing site in January around breakfast/get to the park for opening times and Uber flat-out said “No cars available” and Lyft searched for 10 minutes without a ping. I finally gave up and called a Mears Taxi. The Uber driver who finally picked up my ride from the testing site to Riviera (after he finished dropping off a ride at AK) said the mornings are always insane.

Just to note: I had pre-ordered the lyft the night before and it still didn’t help.


I didn’t try the app. But I would get down there at least an hour before park open if not 75 minutes. We saw a MK bus at AKL at 6:45 and our bus to AK came at 6:56. I had been told buses would start running at 7:15 for both parks.

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And we were inside AK by 7:06, they did not hold us until 7:15. However, they did hold the FOP line for a few minutes. I was so excited because we were the 12th party in line!

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We are at wilderness lodge. Busses have been great. Usually there is nothing on the board when we get down at 6:30 but the times pop up when they’re coming. We got on MK bus around 6:50 at the park by 7 and in line- which was held until around 7:15. AK we were on the bus by around 6:50 again and walked right into the park at 7:15 - idk if that’s late but only waited about 10 for FOP. The magic kingdom bus driver was telling someone they are having the busses timed so guests arrive no earlier than 1 hour prior to open. I’m surprised on how accurate the times are showing on the board- last trip pre covid we didn’t see a lot of times at AKL. There also haven’t been big crowds waiting for busses at WL- we are usually with 2-3 other groups. The early hours have been amazing!