Random map question

On the MK map accessible through MDE, there is what appears to be a sidewalk that runs from the Barnstormer to Space Mountain in between the railroad and Tomorrowland Speedway.

I assume that’s an actual walkway that’s open to guests? If so, I’m filing it away to look for when we are there. Having only been twice I haven’t discovered all the out of the way paths, but I am thinking that one could be useful on a busy day.

Any other helpful shortcuts I should know about?

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Yes, that is a walkway that is open to guests, but you should be aware that it is one of few smoking areas in the park so the air can get pretty noxious.


Yes, a nice short cut. Two benches, if I remember correctly, for a quiet place to rest. Surely it will close, when they start building Tron.

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yes it’s a nice short cut to get from the space mtn area to the back of the fantasyland area right behind the barnstormer. during the Halloween party they have a “treat trail” there and my kids loved trick or treating there!

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Aside from the smokers, it is actually a relatively lovely walkway that doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic.


We will often use it to access the train - if going from Space to Splash, it can be a nice walk to jump on the train there and ride it a couple hops…