Random FastPass Question

I have Fast Passes for Frozen Ever After, Figment, and The Seas with Nemo. The second two I doubt will need a FastPass and I’m not sure we will even ride those rides. We are then planning to hop to the Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon/early evening.

My question is, can I cancel the Figment and Seas with Nemo FastPasses now (thus only using one FastPass at EPCOT) and then book my additional FastPass at Magic Kingdom for later in the afternoon while still at EPCOT or do I have to use all three FastPasses and wait to book an additional FastPass once I arrive at Magic Kingdom.

Thanks for the help and I hope this makes sense.

Once you have tapped in for Frozen even After, if you cancel your other two FPs at Epcot, you can immediately book two FP’s at Magic Kingdom.

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Thank you for the info and the super quick reply!

One of the best explanations about park hopping and FP comes from Nickysyme’s post over at Dropping 3rd FPP to get something else?:

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How do tiers affect that? Ex: use slinky dog and then head to Epcot. Can you book soarin’ right away or do you have to use tier 2 pass first?

Tiers do not apply once you are hopping. You can book FEA, tap in, then book SDD and FoP.


Thank you for posting that, it was a great summary.


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