Dropping 3rd FPP to get something else?

I’m not sure that I’m following. If I book Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 2, and then I let the last one expire, you’re saying that I cannot book another Tier 1? But if I book Tier 2, Tier 2, Tier 1, and I let one Tier 2 expire, then I can book another Tier 1?

I found an interesting response on the Disney Mom’s Panel:

What happens if I only want to use 2 FastPass at a park, and move on to another park?

“You can, however, have a Cast Member cancel any FastPass+ selections that you won’t use, so if you only want to experience 2 attractions before you hop to another park you can go to the FastPass+ kiosk at the second park and have a Cast Member cancel your third FastPass+ selection so that you have quicker access to your rolling FastPass+.”

@Nicky_S Is this what you meant when you said that it’s a new ball game if you’re park hopping? So if you’re in the same park, you cannot cancel your third FP and expect access to your rolling FP?

Yes exactly. The tier 2 you are expiring must be prior to the tier 1

Book two or cancel the one you don’t want. As soon as you scan the FIRST FP in the orginal park you can book your third FP any tier at any other park besides the one you are in.

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Correct. You can book a 3rd but it can’t duplicate one you already have done or be a 2nd tier 1. You must have used or expired all three before you move to the rolling 4th plus FP rules.

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To expand what @AuntB_luvsDisney said, you can have three initial fastpasses. If you book these in advance you can only do so at one park. You can book one, two or three of your initial fastpasses in advance.

If you book less than three, then once the FP+ system knows you’re in a park, i.e.: once you tap into FP number one, you can then book the remainder of your initial three fastpasses in any other park(s), at any tier (no restrictions).

If you have booked three in advance, and change your mind after doing the first one, you can then CANCEL the rest of them and book them in another park without restrictions.

This does not work in the same park!

Some examples:

  1. You manage to get FoP on your last park day. But really you want to be at MK.
  • after tapping into FoP, you go onto MDE and book Space and Pirates for later on.
  1. You book FEA and Figment at Epcot. Then plan to go to DHS.
  • as soon as you tap into FEA you can look for TSMM or RnR or ToT and book one. You don’t have to wait until you’ve ridden Figment.
  1. You book FoP, Everest and Dinosaur at AK. Having ridden FoP you decide that you’d rather hop over to Epcot.
  • you then CANCEL Everest and Dinosaur and book Soarin.
  • you then notice you can get TSMM in the evening, so you can book that too!

You’ll notice the word CANCEL is in bold and capitals. That is because you must cancel the fastpasses in question, not modify. Modify will not work for park hopping!

And again, this does not work for the same park.


Thank you so much for the info and the great examples! I haven’t seen this info anywhere else. It’s really helpful!

One thing I’ve never been clear on here - you mention that after tapping into FP #1 I can book the remainder at any other park at any tier. Does that mean that I can book two tier 1 attractions at a single park (say TSMM and RnRC after tapping in to FoP)? In your example #3 you are booking two tier 1 attractions, but each one is in a different park.

That’s a good question.

My gut says no, you would need to follow the tiering rules within any one park until you’ve used your initial three FPs.

There are certainly no restrictions between parks, so you can hold three tier 1 FPs at three different parks.

But I haven’t tried it. So not 100% sure. I’d love someone to try it and let me know!

I have not tried this. I have held two tier ones at two different parks in the same MDE profile at the same time but not 3.

Can you book in a 3rd park while still holding a FP in your 1st Park?

Yes. See example 3 up above.

Although technically you wouldn’t actually be holding an FP in the first park, because you need to have tapped in.

I have not tried that. I am guessing you could book the third park only after you scanned the first and second (FP/Park)

You can definitely book at 2 further parks after scanning the first FP.

But as I say, technically then you aren’t holding at 3 parks.

I have booked a second park after booking only one at a park and scanning. You are saying I can book two different parks? I never heard that before. Interesting.

Yes. Not in advance though. Only on the day.

Is there a work-around if I need a FP at the second park that day, not the first? In our situation, we are doing MK in the morning and then EP in the afternoon. I have a FEA FP at 4:40 PM. Is there any way to book FP in the morning at MK combined with this, or am I out of luck?

This really surprises me too. I never knew you could hold FP’s for more than one park at a time. Now I have to go back and re-think my plans! Leaving the day after tomorrow!

So, let me throw out an example. I have FoP @ 8:45, EE @ 9:55, and DINOSAUR @ 10:55. Then we are hopping to MK. Are you saying that after I scan into FoP, I can change DINOSAUR to a MK FP, even though I am still holding EE at AK? I thought I would have to wait until I scan into EE, then change DINOSAUR to a MK FP so I wouldn’t be in 2 different parks on MDE. Please clarify!

If you cancel Dinosaur you can make another FP as soon as you scan into the first one.

The scanning in tells the FP system “I’m here”. So now you’re entitled to book the rest of your "initial FPs.

You can only book advance FPs in one park. On the day, you can hold them in two.