Random desire for Magic Bands

So I had a thought…wouldn’t it be great if we could get Disney to add a fitbit concept to Magic Bands? That way, I could monitor my steps and plan my snacks as needed without so much guilt! :rofl:

Hmm - as the Disney demographic tends to skew “fluffy”, that might be s good thing! :wink:

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Just ordered a “Magic Band 2 Puck Slide”. https://mb2watchslider.com/. You can add a MB2 puck to your Fitbit
or Apple Watch band. It doesn’t add any functionality, but it looks convenient.

I haven’t received mine yet. I’ll post when I’ve had a chance to try it.

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Sounds great-thank you!!

Thanks for this idea . . . I just ordered one too. :slight_smile:

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Tragedy! They don’t ship to Mexico! Oh well, that’s why I got 2 arms I guess!!


I bought one for my trip to WDW last November. I have a FitBit, but I dont recall the model - an HR, I believe. It has a wide band and the puck BARELY fit. It was so tight that it finally busted on my last day. I was actually surprised it lasted the whole week, as I heard a crack when I struggled to get it to slide on the band. Also, it couldn’t be installed on the buckle side of the band so I had to hold my entire arm at a bizarre angle to use it and it was pretty much impossible to use on the hotel door. I wound up using my spare puck on a lanyard more often than the one on my wrist. I’m sure others will have better luck with different devices.

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Just arrived. Fits tightly on the stock sport band, will not go on the after market Carterjett bands that I enjoy wearing.

Placed it above the watch face, such that on my left wrist, it will be easy to tap.

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Forget the magic band where did you get that watch.

That’s an Apple Watch.