Raising un Disney kids? Fie! Anon fie!

Probably my fault. We’ve gone to Disney A LOT in the past few years (FLAPs living 2 hours away). But I’ve been informed by my DS 11 that he’d rather get APs this year for (ugh) that Tampa zoo park with the coasters. :’(

My dilemma (apart from the obvious that I want my Mickey Bar fix and I want it NOW!) is that that particular park has nothing for me. My kids enjoy the thrill rides, so they’d be happy. So happy hoodlums make happy mommy? Or happy mommy makes happy hoodlums?

But a ticket for me would literally be a year-long waste of money. I ride nothing there but the train or sky ride. I’m not into zoos or people-watching. The live entertainment there is okay, but nothing like Nemo or BatB.

So what should I do? Buy the APs for that other park and make the hoodlums happy? Buy the APs I want and tell the little ingrates to suck it up? Save my money and just lurk here on the Forum and Chat? I love it here, but it always makes me wanna get in my car and go! Now!!

Sounds like DS is Disneyed-out. I say make him happy, then he’ll be ready to go back to a Disney next year. But then, I love BG!

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I have no idea which way you can put this together for your little rascals. But just wanted to empathize re Busch Garden coasters.

I’m a wdw coaster lover, as are rest of fam. Our faves every trip- and I’m still going heading toward my 70’s, yikes.

However, even in my 30s those BG coasters were yukky for me, too many upside downs and roll arounds I guess. Plus I love the visual appeal of disney so much, the many restaurant choices too.

Just was reading the cool descriptions of all the new coasters in central fla, in the UG. Have a funny feeling we’ll land up going to some when grands are a little older, since of course all 3 grands are already adrenalin fans (where did that come from haha).

So, best of luck with your touring plans going forward, Liner friend. Hope you find the best mix for your little rascals, as I will I hope for mine.

@staza, I second the

feeling. I have NEVER been a coaster fan. (I guess it came from their unDF, who likes the coasters). I cried in line once, when forced to try a “family coaster”. I get sweaty palms around Barnstormer!

I guess I’m going to be the designated backpack-holder and DS4 watcher this year. But NEXT year, I’m gettin’ my IASW back! (An outlier, I luv that ride!).

I would take the year or even two off altogether. Just take them once and do other things.

Get yourself an AP for WDW and do some solo touring! I have never done it, but from what I can tell on this chat and the fun pictures on Instagram, it is SO fun.

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I agree with @Iheartepcot; renew your AP and do some solo touring (it’s AWESOME), and take the boys on a day trip to BG. If it was me, I’d have APs to both. I love big coasters and I love animals, so BG is an almost perfect park for me; I actually like it better than MK or DHS, it’s a tie with AK, and falls just short of EP…

I must say…it never occurred to me to purchase an AP for just me. Ohmystars! What a brilliant idea!

I can probably afford it, due to the fact that BG APs are not that expensive, and I only need one for me for the free parking (the hoodlums will have Fun Cards). At first I thought I couldn’t do that, because I’m soon-to-be d-i-v-o-r-c-e-d, and budgeting for vacation is not what it used to be.

But the boys will be with their father, and I’ll be by myself sometimes! I can do this!!!

Thank you @bswan26 and @Iheartepcot. Best of both worlds!!!


Great, glad to have been of some small help for you. Sounds like a good time in your life to do something just for you! Have fun!!

Solo touring at WDW sounds like an awesome way to spend some time while the kids are with dad – woo hoo!