Rainy visit predicted

Trip coming up and we have rain pretty much every day.

I’m not afraid of rain. If I can visit through Hurricane Matthew, I can deal with anything. I want to be wise about our park days. Original plan was:

Sunday- AK
Monday- MK
Tuesday- EPCOT
Wednesday- HS

Although there are no rest days there are breaks and the reasonable expectations of a shorter trip.

Now I’m thinking with the forecast I’d do (EDITED because I had a brain fart and screwed up my days of the week. :woman_facepalming:

Sunday- (100 % rain and thunder) EPCOT
Monday- (60% rain) AK
Tuesday- ( 30% morning rain) MK
Wednesday- (Our best weather day) HS

I’m open to any suggestion or thoughts on the schedule. Also, any must haves for very rainy trips. We have ponchos, small umbrellas, and plastic shoe covers (?) packed. What else should I pick up before we leave?

Additional info: Staying at Pop. Arriving late on Saturday, leaving at 12:30 (the resort) on Thursday.

AK in the rain is pretty miserable.
I would swap Tuesday and Wednesday personally, since many attractions at MK are indoors. AK is almost exclusively an outdoor experience

Why aren’t we talking about Monday?

I am personally hoping this weather continues to shift so that it rains Saturday and then disappears :laughing:


Loosely crumpled newspaper stuffed in shoes overnight can help shoes dry out if you do wind up with water inside. Best to have an extra pair to switch out though. It will take forever to use the resort hairdryer to fully dry shoes.

Or wear something like crocs. They’re essentially solid rubber so a quick towel wipe and they’re good to go

And extra socks. Wet socks/shoes are asking for misery (and blisters)


Made a mental note last night to include both of these things in my packing


:joy: Yeah, who cares about all those SATURDAY park goers?!

So I understand you, your suggestion is to S- EPCOT, M- MK, T- AK, W- HS

AK is one party member’s favorite park so I want that to be a good day. I want to try to keep Wed as HS as SDD is a do or die ride for the teen in the group and we have a DAS for them.

They are wicked smart. I would aim to put that on the best weather day of your visit.

You said this

Sunday- (100 % rain and thunder) EPCOT
Tuesday- (60% rain) AK
Wednesday- ( 30% morning rain) MK
Thursday- (Our best weather day) HS

But now I think you meant Sun (much rain), Mon (kind of a lot of rain), Tues (minimal rain), Wed (no rain)? I think you’ll do okay at AK with a 30% chance if keeping HS on Wed is important. But having been at AK in the rain, a 60% chance would (and does) have me avoiding.

I saw your response and edited. I know my days of the week. I promise. :woman_facepalming:


Was in Orlando during the almost tropical storm that spun up the weekend before Christmas and spent those two days at Universal - which were my first ever park days in any sort of significant rain/wind.

We had plastic shoe covers that had rubber soles along with an inner zip and then an outer elastic drawstring (were like $16/pair on Amazon). Absolute gamechangers! Worked perfectly. Make sure to wear pants that can lay over the top and your feet will stay dry for sure.

A good quality rain coat with hood will beat the pants off of poncho any day. Better protection, better fit, better mobility. A hood is critical!

Waterproof gloves may also be worthwhile - in significant all day rain your hands will get wet - and stay wet - which can make you generally feel like you’re never “dry” no matter what you do.

But a really rainy day can be awesome. Universal absolutely cleared out by the afternoon the Saturday we were there when it rained all day. My son and I had dinner at Confisco Grill at prime time and were the only people there.