Rainy night OIM plan?

Alright folks. Looks like high chance of rain tomorrow night. Our priorities are mostly rides and the only outdoor ones are VQ and Hulk, although we would like to spend some time in WWHP doing spells and such. I’ll take any advice people have for a rainy night at OU/IOA!

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It rained for me last December at OIM…

As long as there is no lightning the rides will still be running…

If the rain gets too bad the food venues will get swamped…

I know it’s obvious, but all I can say is bring a poncho and a good attitude!

Since I go often enough, I turned the night into an ‘Eating Around the Universe’ challenge. I ate at 22 different places across both parks that night. I can, literally, say I have eaten at every venue inside the parks now!!


I’m not real familiar with these events, but do you just have 1 night on Fri night? If so, you may be in luck - the fierce rain is supposed to be moving out during the day tomorrow so maybe just hit or miss.

If you’re going tonight ( Thurs) yeah, you’re hit - forecast to be pouring - already raining steadily here this morning.

We’ve been here all week & if you have 2 nights, Sat should be great & we’ve found Studios much better in the rain than IOA.


It’s tonight! Forecast is looking good for us, not supposed to rain after 7 pm.


I think you should be good for tonight! Conditions are really improving today :+1:
Have a wonderful time!

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Some mist on and off but no big deal.

We did:
5:15 Horror makeup show
Macy’s Parade
Villain Con
Diagon Alley spells and treats (Gringotts down)
Hogwarts Express (Hagrids down)
Hog’s Head food and drinks (Hagrids still down)
More drinks
Hogwarts Express
Arrived at Mummy at 12:05 and they said they were done for the night :tired_face:
Grabbed some snacks on the way out

Included some downtime for my BFF who may have overdone the butterbeer and had a tummyache :grimacing: