Rainy Days at MK

So both my MK days are calling for rain. (I know it can always change) What can I expect to be closed? Will they still do the FoF parade? I might skip the dollar store ponchos and get real ones now!

We did one of our two MK days in the rain, and it was great. We brought our comfortable lightweight rain coats from home (it was in February) and wore jeans and athletic shoes. This was before the FoF parade started, so I can’t help on that detail. I will say, however, that all of the rides were running, and that the warm Nutella and fruit waffle from Sleepy Hollow was the PERFECT snack on a wet day.

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It can be cancelled if the rain is too much, but they usually have an alternate ‘rainy day cavalcade’ parade they do unless it’s really storming or lightning.

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Rain in Orlando in fickle and often very brief. Otherwise, poncho it up and enjoy the lighter crowds. Hope for no lightening as that will close anything outdoors.

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Rain, alone, rarely closes MK attractions. Lightning in the area will close Splash, BTMRR, 7DMT, JC, and riverboat.

@bswan26 Let us not forget dumbo, astro orbitor and Aladdin as other outdoor rides that could shut down.

Pack newspaper to help dry out your shoes. A ballcap will help with ponchos, and bring large ziplock bags to store the wet gear in for afterwards. Try a thrift shop for rain gear.

Well weather.com calls for rain and accuweather isn’t. Hoping it’s just a quick shower if anything!

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There’s plenty to do in the rain, though if it doesn’t stop raining, then I tend to get a little tired of spending the whole day soaking wet. Most central Florida rainstorms blow through pretty quickly, but if the forecast is for steady rain, then be prepared with a change of socks and clothes that dry quickly. I bought a pair of waterproof sneakers after spending a few days with my feet soaking wet as the remnants of a tropical storm passed over the parks a couple years ago during my vacation, so I now have something to wear on rainy days (and my regular shoes are dry whenever the rain stops).

As for rides, even if the outdoor attractions are open you may not want to ride them. For something like Splash Mountain, where most of it is inside and you’ll normally get a little wet, the rain wouldn’t deter me from riding. For something faster moving, like Big Thunder or something where you’re waiting in line outside, like Astro Orbiter, I’d probably choose to skip them and so will a lot of other people (so the lines will be shorter if you do choose to ride).

And if it really rains, big puddles form in parts of Tomorrowland. Maybe other places too. Sandals might work well on days like that. Wish I had them. Ended up walking around for a few hours in wet shoes. Oh well. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Sam2071, post:9, topic:7445”]
And if it really rains, big puddles form in parts of Tomorrowland[/quote]

You could call them big puddles, though I think of them as small lakes. Wet feet for a whole day makes me unhappy. I’d make a rotten duck.

I am definitely bringing flip flops!

Ha! I know you’re right. Couldn’t even tip toe around those lakes. My choice was more attractions or dry feet. Went with attractions… oh well.

I was there during a downpour. Lots of puddles. There was one in AL that was so deep, as duck was actually floating on it. The worst was on the pathway from the gate to the mono station; 6-8 inches of fast moving water. I was wearing my Five Fingers, so I just sloshed right through. It was entertaining watching people trying to balance on curbs or cut through shrubs trying to avoid the river. This was after 3 hours in MK when I walked onto every major (and several minor) rides in the park (other than Splash and BTMRR which were closed due to lightning in the area). I was soaked to the skin, but having an absolute blast. It was a warm April day, so didn’t have to worry about being too cold.