Rainy day touring plans

Has anyone ever created a touring plan focused on rain and ride closure likelihood? I am thinking of ignoring crowd levels and same day drops and trying to arrange outdoor rides in the AM and indoor rides/ shows in the afternoon, when storms are likelier. This would also, of course, help with heat, but might stink for wait times.
I am torn between trying to use my (planned, as I still have 2 weeks b/f FP day) FPs in the AM (including FOP with rider swap, which will take forever) to give myself the ability to get later SDFPs and planning for rain by trying to do outdoor rides in the morning. It feels like sacrilege to give up even the chance to get a SDFP to FOP, but I might.
Any thoughts?
Here’s what I have:

Ignoring likelihood of afternoon rain in mid-August:

planning for rain:

I don’t really need that 1st FP for the safari, but I am nervous we won’t actually make rope drop and that is some protection. Family is 2 senior citizens who walk slowly, 2 adults, and 2 kids in and out of a double stroller. Kid 1 is 7 and rides most things; Kid 2 is 3 and is short and scared of a lot. The Yak & Yeti isn’t an ADR, just a (planned) Landry’s card.

Also, last year we never made it to Dinoland at all due to rain all afternoon. I am concerned that could happen again-- any suggestions? I mean, we could rope drop triceratops spin, but the dance party isn’t until the afternoon and our day already seems to involve a lot of walking.

Thanks kind liners.


I altered my plan on the fly due to threat of rain. Not a bad idea. AK is rough in the rain. I rearranged MK to do Adventureland in AM when I originally had it in the PM. Went pretty well. Waited 27 for JC though.

I would RD triceratop and go back to Boneyard. I just did this on EMH day. I wasn’t planning on arriving that early and we had KS for 9:20 so we had time to kill. Helped us leave the park a bit earlier right after Boneyard.

I wish TP had an indoor ride indicator or something.


This is a neat idea.

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I think you need 2 different versions - one for rainy day and one for thunder/lightning since ride closures differ between the two!

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I have to create yet more touring plans? Oh what a hardship. :wink:


Don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t even made mine yet. Is the night before we go too soon?

You are giving me agita! And what do you do with yourself at midnight when you really should go to bed except copy and refine your touring plan? Serious withdrawal from that post-trip, more than anything else…

Read the blogs over and over, obviously.
It’s a problem, actually. Every time I try to get a personalized plan done, I read something on here that makes me want to revise my ideas. In the end I’m left helpless to complete them.


Rainy Day plans are a great idea. This is our first trip to WDW as a family so I’m not even positive which rides are inside or outside, although thinking about it now, it will probably be pretty obvious.

Does the Lines App wait times do a good job of showing what rides are still open during rain/lightning? Is that something I could rely on to know which ride to head to if it starts raining?

Like scouts say, “Be prepared!” The worst weather day for our WDW visit last week was Sunday, May 5th when the heavens opened up on us at AK. Coming from CA, we hadn’t experienced a sudden thunderstorm and threatening lightening in a very long time and especially being caught in the open in the middle of it. Our disposable ponchos saved the afternoon. It was quite an experience seeking shelter under a metal roof in “Asia” with no where to go until the storm passed through, but it ended and the rest of the day and evening were glorious!

I believe it does do a good job. MDE might show a closure a bit early but once TP knows about it it should be pretty accurate.

Just be prepared that lines at indoor rides will surge during a storm. Don’t forget to book FPP for closed attractions if you can.

Restaurants will be busy if it’s near meal time. Mobile ordering may go down if high volume to put your orders in early.

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