Rainforest Cafe - Hints

We have $100 in Landry’s Gift Cards from doing the Hilton Timeshare presentation. I think we might use it at the Rainforest Cafe. It will be DH, DD(aged 12) and I.

Do you guys have any hints particularly food to avoid or must-get? Best locations inside?

Note, I put this in DW because it is next to AK, and I associate it with DW. But we won’t actually be going to that one. But, as a chain I imagine they are all precisely the same.

Also do you think it will worthwhile to get the Landry’s card. Food is pretty expensive. We’d probably get three entrees, one app and one dessert. Unless the portions are really large.

The Landry’s card will give you priority walk up so you don’t need a reservation. They alone makes or useful. It’s a $25 fee but you get a $25 credit right away. It’s good at tons of restaurants around the country so it could be useful. It’s a one time fee so it doesn’t hurt. And you have if you come back to WDW - you can use it TRex and Yak and Yeti too.

The food is like Applebee’s- nothing will knock your socks off.

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We enjoyed the food when we went…but it is super loud, so don’t expect to be able to easily converse. The inside is fairly cool to look at, particularly for kids. It is worth experiencing.