Rainforest Cafe Hard to book?

I’m trying to book a table service for our Animal Kingdom day. I can’t find any reservations for Rainforest anywhere near our trip. Is this a hard reservation to get or is there something else going on?

I do not believe this is usually difficult to get

I have read a few reports today that dining doesn’t seem to be working.

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You cn also try going through Rainforest Cafe’s own system (or maybe Open Table). Non-Disney-Owned places do not generally make all of their available reservations available only on Disney’s site.

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ADRs seem to be working now for RC. Lots of times available in February.


A few years ago I called them directly and got a res when nothing was available in WDW’s system. Also, in the past others reported that they are able to get seated promptly without a res if they purchased a Landry’s card in advance. I don’t know if that is still the case, but it might be worth looking into.

Thanks, it was indeed working tonight!

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I’ve heard conflicting reports lately regarding the Landry’s card. So I will also be trying for ADR’s for RC, Yak, etc. just in case I would have to wait longer without one.

My experience recently (2 weeks ago) is that the only place using a Landrys card to get in being a problem is Y&Y. On the day we were at AK, we had a dinner ADR for Y&Y and we wanted to see if we could slip in for lunch instead. They couldn’t get us in with the Landrys card bc there were no “open slots” for Landry’s members, but since we had an ADR for dinner he was able to check us in hella early instead and we got seated in about 20 minutes. I also saw them turn away Landry’s card holders without ADRs. We also got in with our Landry’s card at TRex with no issue.

We didn’t eat at Rainforest this trip, but we did see people using the card to get in when we stopped in to buy a souvenir.

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For those with questions or need more info:
It’s really no cost plus priority seating and potential discounts. Besides RC (2 locations), Y&Y, T-Rex at WDW, at Universal there is Bubba Gump.

There have also been recent reports that people have been added to the list at Y & Y but told there was at least a 90 minute wait.

I wonder if people complained to Landry’s and the practice has been stopped. I can totally understand why people who paid for a perk would be angry they couldn’t access it.

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