Rain Closure List


Can anyone point me to an up-to-date list of rides/attractions that close for rain for each park? My searching skills are failing me right now.

Thank you!!

I don’t think there IS such a list. “Rain”, alone, typically does not close a ride (unless it’s some really crazy storm). Lightning in the area, however, will close most rides with an outdoor portion (and the monorails).

Thanks. I wasn’t sure about the orlandovacation list since it lists HS as MGM. :slight_smile: We were wondering about the Seven Dwarves ride, since it will be new to us. I’ve watched the video and see it goes outside. Fast Passes get reissued in the event of temporary closure, right?

Put it this way… usually when it rains there, it doesn’t last long. So it shouldn’t affect your touring much.

It’s probably just as likely as it being closed due to technical problems as it is for rain.

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I rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain 2x each in the rain one morning without a wait. Got off, got right back on. Bring ponchos and PONCHO UP! :slight_smile:

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