Rain and WDW for the next coming week

The next coming it seems that the rain will be really bad at Disney, How bad it is when it rains 100% for the whole day? The whole week looks like a lot of rain, do they close the park when it rains all day? Any tips to handle rain days?

Hurricane rain, they’ll close. But even that is rare. Most of the time scattered showers will move through in less than an hour. Head to the nearest show and enjoy. But if there is solid rain, poncho up and enjoy the empty parks. I’ve heard that AK is very nice in the rain.

Lastly, get a weather app that includes radar. You will be able to see what’s coming, and what’s behind it.

Very little closes in the rain. Thunder storms are a different story; many of the outdoor rides close. In FL, occasionally there is all-day rain, but more commonly there are a series of (sometimes heavy) showers, with dryer spells in between. 100% chance of rain simply means it will rain at least some part of the day - NOT that it will rain 100% at the time. And FL rain, especially in the summer, changes by the hour…

I really liked this link - https://www.orlandovacation.com/disney-world/rainy-days-at-walt-disney-world/

It made me feel a bit better about the rain forecast on my trip (which actually ended up being not all that raining), and it also helped me plan the days that had the worst forecast. I moved some things that I knew would close to earlier in the day just in case - that way I had them done.

I got lucky with the only day that it rained steadily (like didn’t stop for a few hours in the afternoon) being my day in DHS. It’s a great park for the rain because literally every ride is indoor and the rest of the attractions are shows - all covered or in buildings. It even stopped in time for F! to go on.

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I was told that when the forecast says, for instance, a 40% chance of rain, that doesn’t mean there is a 40% it will rain, and 60% chance it won’t rain, but instead that 40% of the forecast area will see rain at that given time. And it is best to look at an hourly forecast … if it says for the Orlando area, at 11 am, there is a 40% chance of rain, then 40% of the Orlando area will see rain between 11 and 12. What they have yet to be able to predict any further out than a few hours is WHICH 40% will get the rain.