I am guessing there is no real answer to the following question, but I always get good info here even for these “best guess” questions.

Do you think the railroad opens at MK before TRON?

It seems like the TRON construction site is going to have to be pretty well cleaned up externally for the train to pass through safely.

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IDK, but that stupid ride has taken the train away for so long, I have zero desire to ride it just out of spite. My desire was pretty low to begin with - never liked the movie. But taking my train away for so long? No way.


IMHO - You’ll see the train raining before Tron opens. Even when the exterior of the ride is done, they’ll still have a lot of work to do inside the main building. They are currently laying down new railroad logs/spikes/rails at this moment. That means they have clearance to ramp up the train project.

They’ll get that entrance area cleaned up and train going in advance of the ride opening. Logistically it makes sense. Plus, it gives them another thing to “open” / “celebrate” independently. Open the train for a couple of months and make a spectacle of it, then open Tron.

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I wish it would open by July, but don’t see that happening.

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My dumb guess. The railroad opens reopens before Tron. Much simpler task but it will only reopen after work on the walkway into Tron is done. Train track crosses the temporary construction road being used to complete the walkway past Space mountain

Lots of discussions about this


I think it will open before Tron. I like the railroad, but I’ll be honest - it’s a bit overrated since there is no Grand Canyon diorama, no Primeval World, not a lot to look at in general compared to Disneyland’s version.

But it’s always fun to ride on a train, and it’s a beautiful locomotive. So it will be welcome when it returns.


The train holds some fun nostalgia for me. One of my Disney memories from my first visit as young child in 1980 was riding the train past the then ongoing construction of Big Thunder Mountain. I was so intrigued as to what was being built.


I am surprised Disney hasn’t done more about this. Like, how cool would it be if there was an attraction graveyard area where you see nods to old, closed down attractions, or something like that. Make the train ride a ride into yesteryear, Disney style!