Raglan Road or T-Rex for lunch?

What are your thoughts?
Me Wife and 9 Year old daughter on her 10th birthday

Raglan Road. The food is excellent there. Though I’m not sure if the entertainment is on for lunch.

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If I was taking my 10 year old to a restaurant it would be T-Rex. While Ragland Road has amazing food, it’s not really a place most young kids would want to eat. (IMHO) It’s a bar / lounge.

Ask for an “Ice Cave” table if possible.

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Yes I wouldn’t go if the entertainment isn’t on. But if it is, then kids do love it.

T Rex wouldn’t be my choice unless the child was mad keen on dinosaurs though.

10 year old girl - any other restaurant in Disney Springs or look at a resort restaurant
We already have character meals so looking for just meal and surroundings, going to MMHCP that night so looking for a lunch option , we are staying at POFQ

It’s really hard to say. I’ve only eaten at Raglan Road and Homecomin at DS and haven’t eaten at most of the resorts. I also don’t have girls. Rainforest Cafe? Would she like the theming at Poly or GF?

I do have a DD. She’s a bit older now, I took her there for her 12th birthday and she loved it.

When I was a ten year old, if my parents had given me the choice of going to a bar and eating “grown-up” food and watching folk dancing or a themed restaurant with robot dinosaurs and big burgers I’d have chosen the later every time.

Also, it may sound silly but the Cotton Candy Appletini is delicious. My DD is dying to go there in a couple more years when she can have one.

Whereas my 10yo asked me if I thought he was 3 when I mentioned it. It’s so hard to know what someone else’s kid will be in to.

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I double confirmed on the website that entertainment at RR is only at night so I would go with T-Rex. Mind you I haven’t eaten at either but I’m thinking of the entertainment value here.

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Raglan Road was our group’s favorite meal of the trip, but not sure how much a 10 year old would be into it at lunch. I’d choose Rainforest Cafe over T-Rex, unless she just LOVES dinosaurs more than any other animals.


I do confess as I’m biased. I will always go to a place that has robot entertainment. I always stop by to see Sonny Eclipse too!

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