Raglan Road Appetizers on DDP

I’m surprised I can’t find this information anywhere using the google, but can anyone confirm whether or not the rack of Heaven (ribs) or farmhouse board (cheese board) listed on the appetizers section of the menu count as a single appetizer on the deluxe dining plan? I’m guessing no, but wanted to check!

Edited to add: rack of heaven appears twice on the official menu on the disney site, once under (what I presume? Hard to tell with the odd names) “It’s all to Savor” which I think is the “regular” appetizers and also under “It’s all for sharing” which I think is “sharing” aka meant for 2, appetizers?

In my experience I have never been limited on the deluxe plan. If it is on the menu for sharing I would assume you need two deluxe credits . When is your trip? I should be there in the next couple of weeks and can ask.

I am just checking that you are looking at their menu here too?


Our trip is in December, and thank you so much! Yes, part of my confusion is that the ribs appears on both the regular AND the sharing menu (like you, I assume items there require 2 credits). The cheese plate is only listed on the regular apps.

I only see the cheese on the brunch menu when I look on the restaurant site.

Sorry, stepped away from my computer right after that last message – I did not check that menu, but I do see it on the dinner menu there as well as the dinner menu on the Disney site:

Interestingly, the menu you linked doesn’t have a “sharing” subsection in the apps, they are all in one category.

I will take a picture when I am there. They have them on the wall.