Rafiki's Planet Watch Time

I’ve got my touring plan in the following order:

Train (Africa)
Affection Section
Conservation Station
Habitat Habit
Train (Rafiki’s)

Both train steps have significant walk time built it (over an hour between the two). Is this right? I remember there being a hike but not that much. Is the walk time messed up due to the train transportation maybe? I have my walking speed set to very relaxed, but an hour still seems to be too much. I think my kids would enjoy Affection Station and we’ve always done Rafiki’s, but if its going to take 2-3 hours off our day, maybe we want to skip this section!

Weird… that doesn’t quite right. Short walk up, wait up to 15 min for a train, 10 minute train, 10 minute walk. Repeat on the way back.
Can you publish your plan and post the link here?
(We won’t go again because it did take a while forever to get there and my otherwise animal- and science-loving kids found it boring.)

I hope this works. I’ve never tried publishing one before and I’m doing it from my phone :flushed:


Its showing that we don’t have access. Did you click the box to “publish” the plan? But I agree with @mossmacl. An hour walking both ways sounds way off. Depending on where you are starting from it could be a bit of a walk to catch the train to RPW, but not an hour under any circumstances that I could imaging. and no more than 10 minutes back to the train when your done at Habit Habitat.

I was having problems doing it from my phone, I guess. Let’s try this:


I’m going to the train station from Gorilla Falls so it should be very close.

I’m having the same problem. It says that it takes 30 minutes to walk from the African train section to Festival of the Lion King. I was not having this problem before. Something went wrong in the last week or so. How do we get the walk times fixed?

@Len Is there a problem with the walking times for Rafi’s Planet watch? They seemed to be fine a couple weeks ago, and now they are showing 30+ minutes to walk from train to planet watch, and 30 minutes from the train in Africa to other locations in Africa.

Weird… My guess is that that the TP algorithm is calculating the time to walk to planet watch, i.e. on their digital map they’ve set the train locus out at the Conservation Station itself, not at the train station to catch a ride out there? @len

Having said that, a 5 min wait and 7 min ride is ambitious, I’d for sure expect an extra 10 minutes walking/waiting/looking around on either end.

Yeah, something’s up with the walking times. We just re-calculated them for Pandora. I’ll ask David to check. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the link to the plan, too. That’s always helpful.


There seems to still be a problem. Do you have an idea on the timeframe it will take to get it corrected.


Within the next 48 hours. It requires a re-calculation of the AK walking times.