Radiator Springs not populating in TP as LL option

RS not showing up as a LL step for our future trip. I have tried many different plans for the day, but it never adds the step to obtain LL? It has LL for attractions like Monster’s Inc. but not for RS? What am I missing?

Thanks all for your help.

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RSR is an ILL (individual purchase), not LL (Genie+). Maybe that’s the issue?

You can usually buy ILL with immediate return times if you plan to do so. Another option is to use the Single Rider Line.

Hope that helps!

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That’s it! That is what I was missing!

I did read your initial post on DL and DCA G+/LL but I must have read over the fact RS is not included with G+. Did that change? I feel like in the past it was?

Thanks, Jeff! We are in AZ, too! Prescott.

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Glad I could help!

RSR has always been ILL as far as I can recall – there is a separate section on ILL in my DL post about ILL.

Hello, neighbor! I live in Mesa.

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I must have mistaken that for the good ol’days of Fast Pass!