Race to Park logistics

I know I’ve seen y’all do this but how do the logistics of going straight from a race to a park work?

Staying BWV for Princess Weekend. I had planned on heading straight from the 10k Saturday to HS and straight from the half Sunday to AK. I like to carry a hydration pack for long runs and will likely have it for the half. And generally I like a small backpack (loungefly size) for the parks. Is there a spot to store anything during the race? If not, I’m thinking my straight from race to park itinerary needs to be adjusted.

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You’ll receive a large clear plastic bag at bib pickup which you can use for bag check on race day. You can ONLY use that bag and nothing else.

You could then store your stinky stuff in a locker while you were at HS/AK

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We did just this for Marathon Weekend this year during the 5k. After the race, we got on the bus to Boardwalk. From there we walked the pathway to DHS.

We ended up being the first people in line and were able to get on RotR at rope drop.

We did not change outfits and were in the parks with our race bibs and medals on! Once we got through the major attractions, we headed back to our hotel to change.

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Well that seems silly. I guess to ensure uniformity of bag size? Do they have a spot they keep them at the race?

That sounds so fun! I am for sure wearing that bling around the parks all weekend!

Do all buses run from the race? Or just resort ones? Also, could I get a Lyft from the race?

You can also get a lyft from the race.

The race buses do cover all resorts. Some of them do multiple resorts. For example, the Board Walk bus also held people from the Swan, Dolphin and Yacht & Beach Club.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the bus signs this year.

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They check your bag o’ stuff at the beginning of the race and give you a valet ticket to stick to the back of your bib. Then, at the reunion area after the finish line, you take your claim ticket over to pick up your bag. There are just a bunch of trucks with piles of bags and people ready to grab your stuff for you. It is very organized for them just being in a box truck. The bags are pretty big - you’d be able to fit a loungefly in it - but I don’t actually know if there’s a restriction on what can be checked in the bag?

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it’s for security reasons

There are bag check tents

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If this is the case, that would be perfect! I could just swap gear, grabbed my backpack and store the rest in a park locker. :clap:t2:

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@DeepInTheHeartofTexas - Wee at BWV as well for PHMW! Can’t wait.

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Nice! I cannot wait!!! Since our big trip in May life has been throwing punches left and right. It’s been a rough 8 months and I am just so ready to get away by myself and Disney for a few days!!! :heart_eyes:


Related question (from a RunDisney novice): After the half marathon/marathon, is it possible to walk back through EPCOT to the Beachclub resort? I’d assume not, but I wanted to ask.

To be able to walk through EPCOT after, a few things will have to be in place:

  • The park is open to day guests.
  • You have a park ticket.
  • You have a park reservation.

What @Shellott-hill said AND be mindful that runners may still be entering the park, which creates a bottleneck for non-runners at the UK pavilion. We did this in January and got stuck for about 20 mins waiting on a time they could let us cross the path of the runners. Other option is to go left by way of Mexico and go the longer way around to get out.

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