Race Through New York

Race Through New York. If I want return times 6:30pm, can we wait till we’re leaving park for break 1:30pm to get them? Park crowd level 8, mid-summer. Hoping to avoid doing first hour, and then late morning, we won’t be anywhere nearby. If 1:30 too late, can I send my husband late morning, can one person get them for 7 people?

You get the option for booking times when getting a ticket through either the kiosks or the UOR App. My suggestion is to use the app as you can book the tickets when you’re waiting in line for security or parking.

How exactly do you book? I see the option on the app but have never used it. I have a group of ten people coming and we all bought our tickets separately. Are the return times linked to tickets? Can 1 person book for the whole group?

all our tickets were bought together but I booked four at one time and my phone was scanned with the confirmation that was sent with the reservation and we all walked in. Would see if there is the option to go to 10 I know it ends at some number but not sure which.