Quieter parks with park reservations

Hi! We are hoping to come to WDW next August 2021 as our holiday was cancelled last summer - like everyone else from the U.K.! I have made Park Reservations and naively expected parks to be quieter with this Covid system. Am I wrong?!
Any answers greatly appreciated.

If you were expecting quiet like what was seen right after the reopening, no it is not going to be like that.
It’s impossible to know what occupancy thresholds will be by August 2021.
But I was just there during 35% occupancy caps and while I feel it was less busy than I’m used to, I would not in any way say it was quiet. With the limited experiences, (no characters meets, less shops and restaurants open) there’s more people just wandering around.

I would not expect it to feel any less busy than it normally would at that time of year.
Also, lots of people are rebooking Covid cancelled trips, which might make it busier.

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Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed reply. That make sense. I just presumed that capacity would be down to keep people safer and therefore lines would be quieter. The park reservations seemed to be a way of limiting capacity - but I guess they can just put that up without anyone knowing exact numbers. So my best bet will be to stick to Touring Plans to sort the order of rides?
I’m probably being over optimistic about even getting there but with Christmas cancelled in the U.K. I was looking forward to light at the end of the tunnel!

Exactly this. They haven’t even been announcing capacity increased until after they’ve already happened. Many seasoned WDW travelers noticed the increase of park reservation availability weeks before they officially confirmed they had increased it.

Touring Plans has had people in the parks trying to sort the new normal for ride times so that they can keep their recommendations current. I would trust them. They were spot on on this last trip.


Welcome to the forum! It seems as if they are recently increasing park capacity. It will be interesting to see what the summer will look like.


Thank you so much for your replies. It means a lot. We have been before but this expert advice is FANTASTIC!

I was just there in December and am planning to go back in March 2021. Even though it feels like I was just there, I am still expecting march to look different than December, and August even more so. My plan and my suggestion for you is to visit this forum and read trip reports from others in the months leading up to your trip in August. As things change and capacity changes, reading others first hand reports will keep you up to date on how things look and feel in the parks. I hope it is a wonderful trip!


Thank you Laura. I will do that. It will help me to build a picture of how it will look and I guess how to avoid unnecessary time in lines.