Quiet WDW Restaurants?

My dad wears two hearing aids, but still can’t hear very well. Where can I make ADRs where he has a chance of being a part of the conversation? Any counter service recs? Don’t want signature dining.
Thank you.

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I am thinking of some restaurants divided into smaller room…maybe LTT. Or the Plaza, the little Japanese restaunt in Epcot. Acoustics are generally awful at WDW. The lounges are quieter.


I also have hearing issues. We had good conversation at Jungle Navigation LTD at MK…Also Liberty Tree and Columbia House.

Here is what Unoffoicial Guide recommended. But it does include Signature restaurants. I can vouch for Coral Reef,Tutto Italia, Japan at EPCOT, Rose and Crown,

“RESTAURANTS WITH GOOD FOOD and a couple-friendly ambience are rare in the theme parks. Only a handful of dining locales satisfy both requirements: Coral Reef Restaurant, an alfresco table at Tutto Italia Ristorante, the terrace at the Rose & Crown Dining Room, and the upstairs tables at the France Pavilion’s Monsieur Paul, all in Epcot; Tiffins on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom; and the corner booths at The Hollywood Brown Derby in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Waterfront dining (though not necessarily quiet or romantic) is”

Excerpt From: Bob Sehlinger & Len Testa. “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2018.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-unofficial-guide-to-walt-disney-world-2018/id1274546028?mt=11


QS I would suggest Flame Tree since you sit on the small patios out back.


You could do Nomad Lounge on the patio.



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The Wave at the Contemporary. I just recommended this on another thread, but it works on many levels. Great prices, very good food, quiet.

Grand Floridian Cafe

2nd floor of Columbia Harbor House

Liberty Tree Tavern

Sci Fi…except no one talks when they’re in there (almost too quiet).

Brown Derby lounge

Coral Reef


Agree on sci fi! We were the loudest ones in there 5 and 2 year old. Would be good for a very quiet dinner!

Thanks all! My tentative food list/ADRs have been:
MK Day: Columbia Harbor House lunch; Crystal Palace dinner
HS day: 50s Prime Time Cafe lunch (I was hoping the separate “rooms” would make it quieter–no?)
AK day: Tusker House dinner. Maybe Flame Tree lunch.
Epcot day: Akershus dinner. Was hoping for a PPO Garden Grill but no luck yet.
Disney Springs: currently have a Homecomin’ lunch booked
Resort dining: Artist Point, Sanaa

We only have 4 day base tickets. I will add the Wave or the Grand Floridian Cafe (or both!). We have 54 meals for 6 people to share with deluxe dining for one room. Assuming we will share meals at restaurants where that’s allowed (the non-buffets). Most disney portions seem enormous.
Are any of the places I have listed really loud? We have 2 kids who love characters so I included some.

Quiet CS-
MK CHH ( upstairs)/ SH (patio)
AK FT (patio)/ Satuli ( covered outdoor patio). Noisier inside
E Yorkshire( patio)/ Kringla

Quiet TS
MK Plaza/ LTT
AK Yak and Yeti (upstairs)
E Coral Reef / Via Napoli
HS Brown Derby


Of the restaurants you have listed, the only one I have found to be particularly quiet is Columbia Harbor House (upstairs in particular). Flame Tree can be quiet if the band is not playing across from where you order. Homecomin’ might be quiet depending on the time of your lunch - I have been there for lunch at 2pm and at 4pm and both times were pretty quiet. Sanaa is also quieter, especially in the off-traditional-times hours

I agree about The Grand Floridian Cafe and was going to guess that The Wave would be on the quieter side.

Crystal Palace, Tusker, Akershus are all going to be quite loud.

I was quite struck by how quiet Tiffins was, and Nomad has good small plates for snacking or light meals. Flying Fish was on the quieter side, but with the soaring ceiling could maybe get loud if it was particularly busy. Il Mulino at Swan/Dolphin was also very conducive to conversation. Hollywood Brown Derby is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the park in HS. I think you said about not going to Signature dining though and some of these are that.

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Sometimes? Before SWGE crowds? :grinning:

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So I had a shocking experience at CHH on the last trip. High crowds meant very busy - even packed upstairs. That was the first time I experienced that there - food still yummy. Just a heads up if it is a busy day. (Would still be my pick for MK food)

Sanaa is the only one on that list I have been to that’s quiet (no experience with Homecomin’ or CHH).

Character meals are LOUD. 50’s is LOUD.

The Wave was quiet when we went last fall despite being busy. Jiko was quiet. So was Tiffins.

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Skipper Canteen has been my quietest meal ever at WDW and that was with 4 kids!

I was amazed at how quiet Sci Fi was. Tutto Italia and San Angel Inn in Epcot were quiet spots as was the outside table at Spice Road Table. I don’t remember Ohana dinner being loud but we had a 4:30 reservation. Sanna at AKL was quiet and the bread service really is that good.

Crystal Palace, Akershus and Tusker House were all pretty loud. Usually with character meals and lots of kids, you get more noise.

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My kids are loud (7 and 3), and they really want to do characters, but if we have some meals that are quieter, it will help my dad feel a part of things.
I liked SciFi, but the set-up doesn’t bode well for conversations. I think my dad would get a kick out of the old movies, though, just as much as the 50s schtick. Maybe I’ll switch out 50s for Sci-Fi. I’n excited for Sanaa.
Lounges don’t accept the Disney dining plan, I thought. Am I wrong on that?
Yorkshire sounds delicious but my wife has celiac, so there’s nothing she can eat there.
Same with Kringla. Maybe Spice Road Table would work; I’ll check out their allergy menu.
Thanks all.