Quiet QS options @ AK

What are some quiet QS locations with shade at AK? Will mostly be in Pandora and Africa, but will walk for space and quiet.

The seating area at Flame Tree is vast and if you go far enough down the pathway it’s quite quiet and serene.

If the band is playing near where you order it’s harder to get to the quiet


The seating by the water at Flame Tree is so nice and it is under a covered roof, iirc. When we’ve been there it has never been crowded. You have a great view of Expedition Everest. Highly recommend!

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Another vote for Flame Tree. Though you may see multitudes at the ordering/pick-up, the seating goes on and on and on. In fact, you can easily lose your party if you go back for napkins. Not that I know about that.

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We love Flame Tree as QS at AK…but watch out for the birds there…they can be relentless!

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Ditto on Flametree. Beautiful setting. Lots of birds though. My favorite is Harambe Market at the back by the fence. Low key. Shaded. It’s noisy when the train passes by, but the train is also what makes it a lovely space.


Another vote for Flame Tree.

And additional option is to grab food at Harambe Market, then take it around the corner to the hidden seating area behind Tamu Tamu.


I find Satu-li pretty quiet and relaxing as they don’t let you inside the building until your order is ready and the tables are pretty well distanced.

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But the scene outside while you’re waiting to get in :grimacing:

It’s the main reason I don’t eat there anymore. Too much like Cosmic Rays at peak times!

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I shouldn’t advertise this secret, but I have a shellfish allergy, so they let me in to order and I skip waiting outside.

ohhhhhhh :thinking:

It is quiet I agree— we really enjoyed it last time, plus AC!