"Quiet" Place for a Meeting

I don’t want to cancel my trip to DLR but now I need to attend a meeting for work. Is there a “quiet” place I could attend a meeting online at DLR or GC Hotel? Preferably DLR.


Upstairs at Hungry Bear, especially if your meeting is at an off peak dining time. Once upstairs, head all the way to the area closest to Galaxy’s Edge. It is very peaceful and quiet there.


Thank you! A 10 - 11 morning meeting would be off peak.

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I think 10-11 is before HB is usually open and our last few visits the entrances to HB upstairs have all been roped off until the restaurant opens. That said, there are backstairs from the GE pathway (they are roped off as well, but are like the queue ropes/chains that can be easily opened & closed back up) to get access to the tables. And that is a great spot especially since the restaurant shouldn’t be open when your meeting needs to happen.

DH had a bunch of work meetings over our July trip and what we found was that even taking it at out of the way tables with less people, there always seemed to be some kind of noise from somewhere (music or pop-up shows or suddenly people would descend) that he couldn’t control.
So he had to be mute, un-mute speak quickly, mute whenever he did have to talk. And listening was hard if it really got loud. The quiet tables that seemed to work better than not were: Smokejumper tables that on the side closer to Carthay Circle, a group of tucked away tables across from the Symphony Swings and just next to the exit of Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta (this one worked REALLY well if Incredicoaster was also down, but even if it wasn’t it was far enough away that it was pretty background - you also have to make sure there’s no shows scheduled along the Paradise Gardens performance Corridor like Viva Navidad or even the Mariachi Diva’s). On the DL side, the tables near the Little Red Wagon condiment station weren’t bad (lots of CM traffic bc it’s right next to a CM entrance, but they’re not usually very noisy), also the tables around Alien Pizza Planet, and a few tables tucked away next to the store across from Star Wars Launch bay it looks like it’s called TomorrowLanding on the map can be quiet in the morning. Launch Bay may also have a few quiet tables as well. And lastly, before the Fantasyland Theater has its first show (and/or if it doesn’t have a show running that day) that area can be nice & quiet as well. Just no tables really.

A place that we found on a subsequent trip was the 2nd or higher floors in the GCH. There were many nooks & crannies on the way to our room that had couches & seemed like nice quiet places. But again, people coming to & from their rooms could disrupt at any moment. But they tend to pass/move on pretty quickly so finding a tucked away spot up there would be what I would try first.

Good luck!!


I meant to come back and tell her this. I figured it would be roped off, but easy to bypass that and head up the stairs.


Thank you for all the options! The mute and unmute option will be challenging for me because I hardly ever mute at home! But it is either fiddling with the mute button or cancel my DLR trip. :stuck_out_tongue: I will turn off my camera!


I am like you, I either like to be muted the whole time and just listening to the meeting in the background or be in a place where I can freely talk and not have to mute/un-mute. My DH is a pro on the mute/un-mute so he was able to pull it off at the parks, but I was stressed for him the entire time :-S But we also had the same choice: cancel the trip or take the meetings, so I’m glad we were able to still go.