Quick weekend, crazy day?

This will be our 3rd trip this year, first on APs. So I’m not hugely concerned about doing it all. We’re doing a quickie trip from 12/18-12/21. Plan is to arrive afternoon of 12/18 and go catch Osborne lights. Want to spend all of 12/20 at MK. So the crazy day is Saturday, 12/19. We want to hit a couple of favorites and soak up some holiday atmosphere.

We’re staying onsite and there’s amEMH at DHS (8am). Hubs really wants to ride Star Tours a couple of times, we could RD TSMM, and otherwise we’re willing to hop out of there by maybe 10.

We want to see the holiday stuff in WS at Epcot, and have a dinner ADR at Garden Grill. It will be a candlelight processional night, but DS will not sit still for that, but we should be able to absorb some of the ambiance and hear the music, right?

The crazy part is that we’re debating whether we want to pop over to AK between DHS and Epcot. We didn’t get to ride EE on the only visit we’ve made to AK, because of storms. DS wants to ride it. It was also too wet for boneyard and the dino dumbo ride.

Without posting full plans, the question is whether this would be too crazy for 12/19:
DHS - ride TSMM x1, Star Tours x2-3, maybe ToT if DS can get into it, grab carrot cake cookies (8am to maybe 10?)
AK - ride EE, triceratop spin, boneyard, FotLK?, grab lunch in there at some point (maybe 10:30-2:30ish?)
EP - Soarin with FP, Nemo, WS (China, US, France, UK), Garden Grill dinner, TT if line’s not too bad (maybe 3-8?) Probably won’t make it to Illuminations

Is this all completely insane? If so, we’d cut out AK. Plan is to do all of Sunday at MK with a mid-day rest/break. Could theoretically do something in the morning 12/21, we have a 3pm flight out of SFB and a rental car, but would likely do more MK time.

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It’s doable…better if you drive. You’d need to budget an hour for transportation to each location, by bus. I’d most likely cut out AK.