Quick walk through 50's Prime time?

This is probably an odd question but If I just wanted to quickly see the theming of 50’s Prime Time in person without eating would there be an issue if I just walked in and walked to the restroom to get a look or will they stop me at the front? Also, is the Tune in Bar connected where I could have something at the bar and still see the restaurant’s theming?

Thank you!

You definitely can walk right in. The dining areas are set up like little kitchens, so you may be able to get a peek as you head to the restrooms. The restrooms are situated between Prime Time & Hollywood and Vine. They share.

Absolutely, go to the Tune In Lounge. The themeing is so great throughout.

I couldn’t think why they wouldn’t let you do this, as long as they aren’t too crowded at check-in. Btw, we have eaten at the Tune-In Bar when Prime Time was too crowded to get a table. Same menu and a very convivial atmosphere.

Also, 50’sPTime and Hollywood & Vine share restrooms so the theming gets a bit mixed there (similar to Mama Melrose & Pizza Planet)

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