Quick Survey: Filters for showing only certain kinds of attraction

Here’s a quick survey about which filters are most important to you when displaying a list of attractions in a park.

For example, you may only want to see attractions rated “Above average” or better. Or only rides offering classic Disney characters.

Suggestions for other filters, and any other comments, are welcome. Thanks!

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“Is a water ride” would probably be better stated as “Will I get wet?” Because a TON of the rides at Disney are technically water rides…but I wouldn’t put It’s A Small World in the same boat (ha!) with Splash Mountain.

Ultimately, I ranked filtering on what others rate (Above average, etc) very low. Why? Because to me that is meaningless data. I’ve learned from here that opinions can be so subjective that something that someone hates another person loves. And how are ratings determined? I, for example, rate People Mover VERY high. But if I were a person who was rating rides based on thrill factor, it would be very low.

Perhaps if there was a rank rides based on categories, and then be able to filter on those categories. LIke: “Thrill level”, “Nostalgia”, “Relaxing”, etc. But seriously, it would be difficult to categorize everything like that. But at least then I could say, “I’m in the mood for just relaxing right now,” and could filter the rides list based on that, etc.

Basically, I just completely ignore the ratings other people give rides in general because I may or may not agree.

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Good point. Let’s assume that’s what it means.

Seasonality played a part in my response as we typically visit during August/September.

A side question, is there a list of rides per park that are/aren’t affected by weather?

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I actually did that here and on the dining survey too. I think a first time visitor might find value in the ratings but I do not.

Something like “Good for when it rains?”


Yes, not needed for filters though. When the weather quickly I find myself panicked trying to locate something close and open… I just realized that is a time to use the sort by Lands in Lines.

I suppose this could be something for the Unofficial Guide though.

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Weather is a good one. Which ones close so you can try and snag anytime fastpasses.

I also agree will agree wet is good

I think it’s good to know which attractions or entertainment could close or be cancelled by rain or lightning. It helps a person plan to do those things early if bad weather might move in later, or to at least be not caught by surprise as much when it does happen (What? The MK Railroad is closed? It’s not raining at all! Oh, there’s lightning 10 miles away…). There are some that close for any rain, some only in heavy rain, and some for close lightning - or any combo of those.

Are the filters strictly yes/no, or could they be a scale with < and > if appropriate?

I’m thinking things like filtering by height requirements.

And instead of “thrill ride” and “in the dark”, being able to filter by “ride intensity” and “scariness” levels might be more helpful.

Instead of “good for rain” maybe “operates in rain” (not sure if that is yes/no or a scale) and separately also “covered” which would be helpful both for rain and shade purposes. For covered, options might include attraction, queue, or both somehow.

Not sure if that’s totally different functionality than you intended though.

And totally random comment…I’d like to see attraction descriptions consistently reference the related Disney movies. There are so many now that it isn’t always obvious to noobs and we tried to prep our kids but still found we had gaps when we went. Maybe even a cheat sheet of this info some place. (I found some lists on line but they weren’t comprehensive nor up-to-date.)

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A filter for motion sickness would be good. Different people are sensitive to very different types of motion, but it’d be good to know which ones they need to check out further. I know you have thrill rides listed, but would that include the teacups or AS2? Some people are bothered by the 360 degree movies in Epcot.


It would be good to have the height requirement filter, but instead of ‘must be 48" or taller’ have something like 'ride suitable for kids under 48".

Now my kids satisfy nearly all height requirements, but when they weren’t, I had to do filter by height and exclude those rides from itinerary. It would be much easier to have a list of what they CAN ride instead.


I agree, a height requirement filter would be awesome. Stop showing me the rides we can’t go on, so I can stop being sad about it. :grin:

It would also be nice if we could filter out attractions that aren’t appropriate for pregnancy/back problems/etc, using the warnings posted by Disney.

If you have a filter for “is a show,” it seems like you should have one for “is a character meet.” Seeing the characters is a huge deal for some trips.

Agree with @mkmuzzy … I would like to see a more general category that covers motion sickness / simulator sickness / virtual reality sickness. All create similar symptoms but are caused by different stimuli. As Disney embraces more and more attractions based on motion platforms I feel it is important for new guest to be aware of the technology used so that they can plan accordingly.

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Agreed. And change plans on the fly if you discover a member of your party can’t handle a certain type to re-assure them you know which future rides are the same style so you can help them avoid (or take meds).

More important than AC is it indoors? One assumes most with AC are indoors but I think it’s an important thing to know.

I’d like a slider to show attractions with an estimated wait time of whatever I adjust the slider to.

A motion sickness filter might be tricky because different things cause it. For example, I was able to do Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Thunder Mountain, Flight of Passage (this one had me worried), and Slinky Dog Dash. I avoid things like Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Soarin’, etc. What made me sick last trip? The Canada movie and the Skyliner. For the Skyliner I tried both wrapped and unwrapped. I think the problem is the glass (plastic?) distorts the view. I was OK if I kept my eyes closed.