Quick Service Meals to Share in Parks

On our 4 night trip we will have the dining plan, but we will be spending 5 days in the parks. Hoping to stretch the QS meals over 5 lunches. Two adults and four teenage girls. The girls are not big eaters at all. For many QS meals I am sure that they would not finish an entire entree.

I am wondering about QS meals that are big enough to share. We already plan on the bowls at Satuli Canteen because my two girls found them huge last year. Looking for suggestions in the other parks.

Would also consider snacks that could be a light meal, perhaps with a dessert added on.

Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!

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My sister and I shared the chicken nugget with fries basket at Columbia Harbour House many times. It was easy, cheap, and very delicious. And just the right amount of food for the two of us. We felt full without being too full for rides.

But really, most QS meals we tried were easily split by the two of us.


Flametree has a combo platter that is huge and easily shared.


Fish & chips @ England, Platters from Tangerine Cafe @ Morocco, Flame Tree BBQ Sampler @ AK are all good candidates in my book.


Any of the salads, like a chicken Caesar salad, are big enough to share unless people are really hungry. Or the foot long hot hogs from Casey’s. We’ve also sometimes shared the flatbreads from Pinocchios in Fantasyland.

The filled croissants or subs from Les Halles in France are also great, they’re snack credits and you can also pick up a pastry or eclair etc as another snack.


MK- Adventurland Eggroll cart, 2 egg rolls, 1 SC, Be Our Guest soups and master cupcake are SC, Pinocchio breadsticks, soup, cesar side salad are all SCs, Columbia HH,l chowder is SC, Sleepy Hallow funnel cakes or baked potato is SC, Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. Epcot Sunshine seasons has a lot of deserts and salads as SCs, China has egg rolls and France has crepes all SC, les halles in france has ham & cheese crosiant & lobster bisque, Kabuki in Japan has sushi, HS has pretzels (as do the rest, this is all from my 2018 list), in AK, caravan road has beef sliders, yak n yeti has chicken fried rice SC, 8 spoons has mac n cheese, Flame tree has onion rings, the QS portions are also large, Pizzafari has garlic knots n soup as SC, terra treats has buffalo wings, smiling croc has sandwiches as SC. These are the ones from my list, they have more. Pastries and pretzels are good use of snack credits. Skip the standard mickey ice cream bars and go for the higher end ice cream creations, if desert is ur thing.


Salads are usually a big hit with our crew. We also really like the food at Les Halles. Those sound like great ideas. :grin:

That is a great list. Thanks so much. :grinning:

All of those I have listed as Snack Credits. Not a big snacker so I wanted to get more “substantial” food items. We skipped breakfast or ate a croissant or pastry early, ate a kinda early lunch, get a substantial snack in between and pushed dinner till 7:30 ish. Also got the souvenir bucket of popcorn and paid out of pocket (cheap) for refills. If u do that, get it early on. We clipped it onto out small back pack.