Quick service locations and menu😋

Is there anywhere that I can find quick service dining locations along with their menus? This September is our first time using the QS dining (thanks to Free Delicious); usually, we have regular dining and I like looking at the menus beforehand!


You can find the menus on the Disney site- “Things to Do”-> Dining -> All Dining. All of the restaurants come up, and you can sort by QS. When you pull up the restaurant you want to check out, you can get the menu. I did the same thing trying to figure out where we’ll eat our QS meals at!


I use the TP app for this! Let me show you!

I go to the homepage of the app and select “Browse menus by location”

The list of locations open


I am picking Magic Kingdom

Note the list tells you what type of dining it is. You can go to the bottom of the page and sort your view. This first view is Alpha. This next view is Super Land

Click on the restaurant for the menu!


Here’s another site that I use in addition to TP for dining and menus

This one is organized a bit differently, and I find the navigation to be a bit simpler. I trust its info as much as I trust the TP info.

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Thank you all for the suggestions! :wink: