Quick Service Kids meals

For quick service, the only kids meals I can find online/mobile order is at the Leaky Cauldron and the Three Broomsticks. Do quick service kids meals really not exist or do you have to view and order in person?

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They exist, they just aren’t on the online menus. Before our first trip, I thought I found a loophole in that if the restaurant didn’t have kids meals, we’d be able to get an adult meal with a QS dining plan. But, no, they all have a kids menu. It is pretty much the same everyone.

Thank you!

Places used to have kids menus, but with UOR pretty much insisting that you Mobile Order, it seems they have done away with kids menus. There is no way to MO them now.

In August, when I tried to order in person (due to technical glitches) they would first make every effort to insist I had to do it on the app. I had to argue each time that the system was charging my credit card over and over but not actually placing the order. They didn’t believe until I showed them. Only then would they allow me to NOT MO.

This suggests that ordering from the kids menu has effectively been eliminated at those locations.

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Wow, you are right. I just now looked at several places at the mobile order menus. The first one I looked at “Leaky Cauldron” had a kids breakfast and only that for kids. The next 5 I looked at had nothing for kids. Seems to be a shorter menu than I remembered too. But I can’t say that for certain because I can’t point to something that is missing. I wonder if they just put the online menus on the mobile ordering?

It is annoying that you have to do battle to non-mobile order food in a QS place. Also annoying that you can’t use the dining plan while mobile ordering. Bellerose, that would be one way to order kids menus. Tell them you want to order a kids meal and/or use the dining plan.

I am surprised to be saying this, but Six Flags leapfrogged over Universal on the mobile ordering. I used to classify their IT/programmers in same inept category as Disney/Universal. At the start of the lockdown Six Flags mobile ordering was still “Coming Soon” and it had been that way for a long time But, it was working when they reopened AND you can use the dining plan while mobile ordering.

ETA: You might want to send them a email about ordering kids meals and what is available. I suspect that if you order with a person, they are available.

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I was equally surprised on this. Our Six Flags theme park didn’t open last year, but our water park did and using the mobile ordering with the dining plan was so easy, I thought I must have done something wrong.

But, to the original point, it’s sad that they’ve been eliminating kids meals at Universal.

Me, too. In fact, when it wasn’t immediately apparent how to use the dining plan with mobile ordering, I gave up and went to the cash register. I sent a compliment email for both the employee that helped and IT.

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we were there in feb. they gave us no trouble at all ordering in person when using dining plan and got kids meal options everywhere we went. not sure why they don’t come up on mobile order as i have not done that. we used dining cards for all our meals/snacks. You can’t use the dining plan in mobile order. now if you are paying cash/card and mo isn’t showing kids options i would insist on ordering in person. they can’t force you to pay more for food the kids won’t even eat.


Thank you for the information! Strange they can’t just add the kids meals for the mobile order, but good to know they at least exist! Are you able to just walk in and order in person easily or do you have to track down a team member and ask each time? Also thought of doing the dining plan, but didn’t know if it’s a hassle to order in peeson each time.

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we did not have any trouble finding someone at kiosk to take orders. We also bought the dining cards from the same people as needed. I loved in person, zero line because everyone was mobile ordering and we got our food quickly. The places that had seating also made us use hand sanitizer as well. but after using all day on rides that was no big deal.

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