Quick Service Dining Plan Questions...I'm clueless, sorry!

We booked a few months ago and with free dining being offered for our August stay, I think we’re going to add the QSDP. Forgive me if some of these questions are dumb, I honestly have no idea how this works.

  1. First of all, how do I “pay” for food with the dining plan? If I go to the counter to order for my entire family, can I use my Magic Band to pay for all 4 of us? I’m assuming all 4 of us don’t need to be there…and since we’re all linked through MDE, I would assume that it’s all coming from the same pool of credits.

  2. Based on others’ posts, I understand that I may use my kids’ QS credits for either an adult meal or a kids meal. My parents will be traveling with us (not on the dining plan), so I’m thinking a good hack might be to get 4 adult meals at a QS location and have my parents pay for the kids’ meals? Anyone see a problem with this?

  3. Speaking of my parents…adult QS meals come with an alcoholic beverage (where available)…so, can I order 4 adult meals with 4 alcoholic beverages? Technically, 2 of those dining plans belong to my kids (8 and 6 years old)…so would this raise any sort of red flag for a CM ringing up our order?

Thanks in advance for any info you can offer! Forgive the Dining Plan newbie over here… :pray::pray:

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You will pay by using your magic band. They’ll ask you if you want to use your dining credits.

I believe they are pooled, but have never used QS plan. I’ll let others answer that.

Oh, and no, you don’t all have to be there.

One more follow up…can order MORE than 4 meals at a time? Again, say I wanted to get dinner for my family of 4 plus my parents. Thanks!

Yes, you can order more than 4. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been since alcoholic drinks were included, but I believe you have to show an ID for every one you order.

Maybe it is my age but I was never asked for ID last year. When we ate at our resort I would get the four meals each with an alcoholic drink. The kids used their resort mug for sodas. We took the extra two drinks to the pool (metal cans) after dinner while the kids would swim. We did this multiple times
We also got alcohol at EP, HS, and AK quick service with out showing any ID.

That’s interesting, when SteveofEngland was there last year he complained at not being able to get drinks for himself and his wife at one of the QS restaurants (I can’t remember which) without both going to the counter and showing IDs, and everyone who responded explained that that’s how it is in the US and they’d all had to show ID on almost every occasion.

I typically don’t carry my ID at WDW but did in 2018. We were never asked for ID. I am guessing our age played a roll in this (we are in our late 40’s). It is very common here in the US to be asked to show ID if you are even remotely close to 21. I was consistently asked until I was at least in my late 30’s.

I at least picked up a drink for myself and wife without any ID request at the following

Pop Landscape of Flavor multiple times
Woody’s lunch box
ABC Commissary
Satuli Canteen
Sunshine Seasons

These were all QS mobile order meals except Pop as they do not have mobile order. At the resort they did not open the cans but at Sunshine they did. I assume they did not want us walking around EP with them.

We were not asked to show ID at HDDR or at Choza in EP either.

Steve’s in his late 40s or maybe early 50s. People were talking about their elderly parents having to show ID. I don’t think it’s age. Probably just hit and miss.

I don’t think I was asked for ID buying alcohol oop last trip (I am regularly asked in the U.K.) but as I said I haven’t tried on the dining plan so it will be interesting to see what happens - it’s only me and my 14yo.

Thanks for the info everyone!

IDs aside, the credits are all pooled at the beginning, so anyone with a band can use any amount of credits at any place, at any time. You can check this balance on the app. The one caveat is that credits are not pooled across rooms so if you have two separate rooms on the dining plan, you can’t use each others’ credits.

My other tip (and you can play this by ear) is that a lot of the QS meals are huge. Since the QS credits are not age specific, we fed 4 adults and 3 kids (9,7,5) on 5 adult QS meals easily. Like, we were throwing out food. Anytime 5 QS meals didn’t do it (Yak & Yeti market), we’d just throw in a snack or two for whoever was still hungry.