Quick question: ECV rental and RD

Are the rental areas outside the park so that I can rent while we wait for the park to open?

I believe they are just inside the park. We decided to rent from an outside company so we did not have to worry about stopping at rope drop or about the long trek back to the resort.

They are inside, so you have to figure that into your plan.

If u r going to use the ecv daily it’s actually not only more convenient but also cheaper to rent from an outside vendor. U can have it delivered to your room and picked up

I actually considered this for our last trip, but DW really only needs one for a full days in the parks and not for getting around the resorts - and we only had 4 park days out of 7 total planned. For us, the primary down side was that it eliminated the option to drive to a park; you pretty much have to use the buses, and using the buses with an EVC can really be an extra hassle.

We actually drove BECAUSE of the ecv but I was strong enough to lift it once it was broken down to be put in the trunk. It was actually pretty easy once u get the hang of it. My husband uses a forearm crutch and walking all day at the parks would be way too much. We also had a double stroller to deal with. Good thing I’m not a delicate flower with weak muscles right? :wink: