Quick Question: Does Beaches and Cream have ADRs for a Party of 5?

Quick question: Does Beaches and Cream have ADRs for a Party of 5 (Me, DW, DS12, DD9, and DD6)?

I have a trip planned for late April and I’ve been watching the ADRs. I’ve seen several ADRs for 2 and a few ADRs for 4, but I have not seen any ADRs for 5 or more. I know it’s a small place, so do they even accommodate a party of 5?

Follow up question: Should I book a party of 4 and then see if they will seat all of us?

Yes they do take parties of 5. I know of one party that has such a reservation in March.

You could book 4 and try for the add on but you might want to have a backup plan.

You could also book for and continue to try to modify

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Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get lucky when it’s my day to book!

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Do this one first or nearly first and also try to have it as far into your trip as you can. It goes quickly and locks up fast. I keep trying to get a modification and there has been zero wiggle room since the ADR date back in late December. This was for 60+5 and there was little available and an hour after booking opened for it was gone and has stayed that way.

We are only doing 3 TS restaurants this trip, so it will be top on my list. I will be at 60+5 as well for Beaches and Cream.

What else are you aiming for and on what days?

I was planning on this order:

  1. Beaches and Cream on 4/27
  2. Plaza Restaurant on 4/24
  3. Via Napoli on 4/27

Any advice? I don’t have a leading reservation.

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That works.

I don’t think you’ll have a hard time at all with the other two

I am there those dates :slight_smile:

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Hoping for low(er) crowds that week!

Try booking for 6 - sometimes the system doesn’t like odd numbers. You’re not punished for the “ghost” (as a solo I regularly book for 2 and it is never a problem).

Good tip!

If push comes to shove, I’ve thought about reserving a party of 2 with my MDE account and then a party of 2 with DW’s MDE account (if there are similar times). And then hoping they will seat us 5 together.

I have a party of 8 for March, so you can definitely get bigger tables.

I was able to get an ADR for 7 in May 2021.

Yep just okay around with numbers. I’ve never had a problem checking into B&C at the podium and adjusting by one or two. We’ve also combined smaller parties there with no problems.

Update: I was able to get a Beaches & Cream ADR for 5 people. I was hoping to get an ADR at 5pm, but ended up at 4:20pm. I’ll take it though.

I’m really looking forward to that kitchen sink!

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