Quick lunch advice for AK

I have been to AK a million times but always eat at Yak and Yeti or Pizzafari, the latter because my kiddo is so very picky. We have a nighttime Tusker House ADR for fly in day, but we will be ravenous by the time we rush to AK after the flight and everything. Advice for quick but good food? DH would eat a shoe if you put some salt on it, I am a little more picky, kiddo is VERY picky but we can get her something else.

Give me your top 3 QS/Snack food, as long as it’s savory. We aren’t using a dining plan, so under $15 a person would be a bonus.

Flame Tree BBQ (I don’t eat beef or pork and get the chicken and even I love it), Satuli Canteen (huge variety, and now healthy rice/veggie bowls, plus great space for even large groups), and then Pizzafari (but you know that one).


We enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich and the pork cheese fries at flame tree. You can mobile order there.

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Satul’i is fantastic

Flame Tree has been good in the past but does seem to be slipping

Harambe market is good too!


I second flame tree. With mobile order super efficient

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Flame Tree


Flame Tree Barbecue was our fav meal during our whole 2017 trip. Also love seating area vibe.

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I love pulled Pork. A light meal it ain’t, but I might be able to ignore that.

Satul’i is hard because the thought of those bubble tea tapioca things in my food makes me nauseous, even though I know I can eat around them. Hah. I may have lied when I said I wasn’t too picky…

you can ask them to not put those in… or you could scoop them out with a spoon.

I would never let such a small detail sway me from what will otherwise be an AMAZING meal


I trust you. I am half kidding.
I love trying new foods, so maybe Satul’i is the way to go. Is that the one in Pandora near the shop?

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Oh lol!

Yes, near the shop

I love Flametree barbecue. It is at the top of my list. I am sad to hear it is slipping.

This is where I out myself and look totally uncool, but on our last visit we ended up going to Restaurantosaurus and enjoy that tremendously. Had a topping bar for the burgers, and it serves the cutest lunch in a plastic pail for the nine and under crowd. I chose that place because I wanted to eat indoors, and I knew it had free refills on the soda.

If you love pulled pork try the pulled pork and cheese fries.
We eat at both Flame tree and Restaurantosaurus last year and both were very good.


I’m with the others who feel like Satu’li is one of the best anywhere at WDW. Highly recommend.